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My passion in the field of healthcare was laid early in my life. Growing up in the country like Afghanistan, where basic medical service is limited, I witnessed the suffering and death of many people and children due to infectious diseases and many more preventable illnesses apart from the raging. While, growing up, I always have been curious to know about health problems and study them through different resources to acquire more knowledge. Gradually, I developed more interest towards pursuing my career in healthcare field.

In January 2009, I got admission as a Licensed Practical Nurse into Bay Area College of Nursing, one of the prestigious nursing colleges in California. During my clinical internship, I constantly work to know more about disease and how it affects the human body. I was impressed by the scope of diagnostic and therapeutic options available in medicine. I came across patients with a variety of medical diseases, both acute and chronic: at times preventable and curable. It was really sad to see these diseases affecting their health. When I got a job as a LPN at Fremont Healthcare Center, I had a direct interaction with the patients. I came to know the importance of being a nurse, the satisfaction and happiness you gain after treating them and bringing smiles to their faces. I enjoy the challenges of working as a nurse but soon I realized that as a Licensed Practical Nurse, my scope is limited to treat my patients. I was not able to provide a high acuity care during emergency cases. This scope of LPN satisfied my thirst of knowledge about the patient care and foundations of patient care. At the same time left me with the profound desire to understand the theoretical way of therapeutic care. It was then that I developed an abundant interest in pursuing higher training to become a registered nurse.

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During my work as a LPN at Fremont Healthcare Center, I have got a great working experience. I enjoyed the challenges of working as a nurse and had a profound desire to develop my nursing skills and nursing duties, such as executing the doctor’s appointments, giving injections, putting droppers, tying up wounds, giving medicine and checking a temperature. I often had to communicate with patients even more than the doctor. And the success of the treatment also depended on my ability. Unfortunately, I had to work in a company of a reserved, unsociable and impolite doctor. And I saw how patients had a negative attitude to such a behavior and, I think, it did not favor their treatment. So, I made up my mind that I would never follow this way. And I would always try to be careful, understanding and sympathetic to the patients. I would have a good contact with the patients. I realized the importance of being a nurse so I would bring only satisfaction and happiness to my patients.

I have worked in long term care, where I was dealing with a geriatric group. I was exposed to direct care of residents and learned how to deal with complex cases. According to our Medical Doctors and Director of Nurses, I am compassionate, dedicated and soft spoken and these qualities are the right match for a registered nurse.

In the long run, I want to help patients from different regions of the world including Afghanistan to see the brighten aspects of life. I want to grow and develop in an environment free from disease and war. I desire to become a responsible and confident individual and by doing this, be an inspiration to the women of my community: that in spite of growing in the midst of war and in an orthodox family, you can still fulfill your dream of bringing change to your life, society and culture.

I am looking forward to joining a program that will assist me to become a competent and responsible registered Nurse. I believe your program to be the one of excellence that will help me achieve these goals. I believe, I have the intellectual capacity, hands on experience, confidence, patience, ability to listen to others, and calmness that enables me to build a good relationship with patients, families and fellow workers. I will also bring cultural diversity to the program. Living both in India and Afghanistan has given me exposure to some different ways of life. I am able to relate people of different backgrounds and can bridge the gaps between these cultures: still which is valued in the US where people from many different ethnicities reside.

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