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The idea of group membership has been discussed at length by Moreland and Levine (1982). In their perspective, members get involved in a group to an extent that they achieve what they want from the group. If James feels he will gain more from being a member of the debating club in school, he will maintain his membership, and if John feels he is getting little from the group, he would rather leave the group not to waste his time. Time is a great resource, and if a group is not fulfilling its purpose, then members will desert the group in a short while.

My experience of getting in a group was when I joined a welfare group in the University of Texas. The group was formed with the main purpose of attending to the needs of students involved in several forms of crisis. The group would meet once in a month and deliberate on emerging issues. The group also mentored the young college entrants to college. Orientation for first year students lasted for a month. Here, students would be advised on what to do, how to carry themselves in a cosmopolitan environment.

There was a strong commitment as an individual. At first I did not enjoy the activities in the group. The members were used to one another and in most times I would not participate.  I was would either quiet listening to the group members chat or read a newspaper as I listened to the proceedings of the group. I was invited by my classmate who had already joined the group. I went through the five phases of the group membership. I became a prospective member since the group was already in existence. I became a prospective member and then joined in as a new member. The group had their own constitution governing them; I read the constitution and then went on to familiarize myself with the progress of the group by reading their minutes. Lastly I became a full member and paid my registration fees to gain the membership card.

Investigation phase

Prior to joining the group, I studied all their activities and identified commitment of members to their roles. I did my own investigations especially from some of my friends who had already joined the group. The group members valued honesty integrity in carrying out the group activities. What interested me most was that the group organized outdoor activities to enable members interact with one another .Later; I got recruited into the group as the treasurer. The group members noticed my ability and elected me to be the group treasurer. I needed to be financially updated and closely involved in the planning process.

I became a full member of the group at the second semester of my second year in college. What impressed me in my association with the group was when quarterly meetings were held.  I was at liberty to explain myself about the progress and my general involvement with the group. As the treasure of the group, I was so comfortable with my role as the welfare treasurer. In fact, I used my accounting background to prepare quarterly financial reports to the group members.

 My advice to the group members was that despite having the objective of mentoring college entrants, we needed to diversify the welfare purpose. I felt besides achieving college resettlement and taking care of emergency situations of members, they needed financial empowerment. I proposed that for instance leaving the contribution of members in the bank was not the best idea. The money could earn very little interest thought we needed to improve on savings contribution by adding $100 after every two months by every member. The money could later be used for making investments for the group members group. This idea was received well by the members, and as a result a total of $5000 was raised in a year. Large percentages of members were senior students who had already secured well paying part time jobs.

During the second semester of my third year, I was chosen as the overall chairman of the group. I immediately appointed a five member committee to deliberate and explore the investment opportunities in the real estate industry. Later the group members secured a Tourist guest house at Florida. It was not easy to manage group members though. There were many challenges, for instance some members incited others to boycott meetings alleging misappropriation of funds.

During the last meeting, we had to issue a warning to such members and also promised that in cases like those, the group’s constitution will apply. I encouraged members to view the financial reports at the group's website. During my fourth year second semester, my time of active membership was slowly coming to an end; However, this never meant disassociation with the group since I would move became an ex official. During the last meeting, we elected officials we had already mentored to carry out the business of the group. It was a nice experience to be associated with my group.

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