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The caption provided shows two adult males. One is interested in speaking to the other man named Jeremy, who was busy using his phone and laptop. He takes time to stop using his computer and phone evidence by the use of two captions to demonstrate this. He then responds by telling the other man “Make it fast, I am uncomfortable outside my state of perpetual connectivity.” Jeremy’s arrogant statement begs the questions whether technological advancement in information technology has started to constrict people’s relationships and by extension a person’s everyday life? And whether technological advancement I.T   has resulted in moral degradation?

Technological advancement in I.T is credited with improving connectivity. It has made it possible for people to communicate irrespective of their physical location. By developing computers and mobile phones, television sets and radios people can now communicate through the internet, via telephone and through numerous other forms of electronic channels such as wireless networks, intranet, LAN.  The reduced prices of these electronic gadgets and the  convenience of using them to communicate has led to people developing a preference for  them, which if left unchecked could degenerate into an addiction. The long durations spent using these gadgets could lead to a change in a person’s behavior and worldly outlook.

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Information technology. Technology has revolutionized how people communicate with each other especially during this information age. Where devices such as the television sets, mobile phones, mp3 players and personal computers have   become an integral part of people’s lives.

Information technology is defined as the technology tasked with processing, storing and communication of information (Shearman 12). Examples of gadgets used in information technology include, mobile phones, television sets, mp3 players, modern game consoles and computers. The internet, social websites and wireless networks also form an integral part of information technology.

Positive attributes of communication technology.

Advancement in communication technology has created a global village. Information technology has created automated systems that have abolished the geographical barriers that once inhibited communication. The reduced prices of electronic gadgets   and the rising popularity of the internet have increased connectivity.  A person can now be reached through several channels, by phone, email and several accounts on social websites. They can also be reached anywhere in the world at any time of day. The development of satellite phones has facilitated communication with people in areas without telephone lines and cell towers. (Shearman, 135)

Advancement in Information Technology has resulted in efficiency in the communication process. It has made communication cheap, fast, convenient and efficient. It has abolished the need for a face to face communication. With video conferencing there is no need to travel from one location to the other to meet the person you want to address. E-mail has become the preferred form of sending text messages; it has reduced the response time to instant messaging. Prior to the email people sent messages through the post offices where response times depended on the location of the recipient. (Wellman, 36). As a result Information Technology has increased the credibility of information and communication. Traditionally, physical barriers and language barriers reduced the credibility of information received. Modern technology has led to the use of the internet and satellites for transmission of messages over long distances thus ensuring that Information conveyed is coherent and of high quality. The development of translation software programs has reduced the limitations of language barriers.

Information technology has resulted in the computerization of the business process. Computation has made businesses reduce their cost of operation, thus making them run more cost effectively. The internet has created a platform for businesses to advertise products; it also presents an infinite resource of information useful to the businesses. The internet has opened up new markets for businesses, making it possible for a company to do business globally more efficiently. The popularity of the internet has led to the establishment of online companies that boast of flexible working hours, and a global market for its products.

Information technology has been instrumental in bridging the cultural gap. Advances in information technology have seen the mushrooming and rapid popularity of social sites. Where people from all walks of life meet online to communicate and share ideas. This has resulted in the adoption of foreign culture by the parties involved. The television has been very instrumental in the dissemination of culture. (Shearman, 144)

Information technology has created job opportunities for IT specialists, computer programmers but most notably it has created infinite freelance opportunities for individuals in all professions. This has liberated how people work, making work flexible.

Implications. Information Technology has resulted in rapid upward and downward communication in a business. The reduced response times has resulted in improved productivity of businesses since instructions and solutions to problems are quickly transmitted and implemented. It has reduced costs of businesses, and has offered an infinite resource to businesses, through the internet. It also offers businesses a platform where they can advertise cheaply, conduct market research, and be able to reach their target audience more easily. (Shearman, 204)

Information technology has been beneficial to the society. Public announcements about tornados and criminals have resulted in a safer environment for all. Emergency personnel have also noted a reduced response time to emergencies, which could be linked to the use of cellular phones to call in emergencies thus saving lives.

Information technology through the internet has offered a wealth of knowledge, that when learnt would lead to fruitful businesses, careers and relationships.

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