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In order to prevent Citizen Kane from its spreading, Hearst applied several techniques. He totally restricted to advertize, mention or review the film in his newspapers. Moreover, he encouraged the journalists to discredit and libel the director and actor of Citizen Kane, Orson Welles. Hearst also involved Louis B. Mayer, who was the head of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, into the process of censorship. Thus, here was an offer made which implied the entire destruction of material related to the film. Welles had to oppose it in terms of presenting Citizen Kane as work of art which was massively suppressed. Consequently, the offer was rejected, although Hearst proceeded with his attempts. Not only each part of his newspaper empire was supposed to ignore any aspect of the film, but also some of the theatres supported this movement because of the fear towards this conglomerate. Thus, the film lacked a proper media coverage at that time whereas all the actions of Hearst were directed on its complete elimination and slander of Welles. Nevertheless, despite all his attempts, the film is now closely connected to his personality and related to Hearst’s life to a considerable degree.

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The New York Times’ efforts to censor the story about David Rhode’s kidnapping were supposed to contribute towards maximizing the chances of journalist’s survival. Furthermore, The New York Times requested the world’s media not to cover the fact of abduction. In case, there was an information leak, the representatives of the newspaper contacted those who were involved in order to delete it. This support was stipulated due to the understanding of various media that their contribution may tilt the balance in Rhode’s favor. Meanwhile, the role of Wikipedia in this situation was essential. First of all, The New York Times reporters implemented several amendments to Rhode’s article in order to emphasize his exceptional work in terms of sharing sympathy towards Muslims. Secondly, Wikipedia cooperated with the newspaper by preventing or deleting the upcoming information about Rhode’s abduction.

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