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Lily is young successful photographer from New York.  She has everything she’s dreamed about all her life:  luxurious apartment, successful career, highly paid job and handsome boyfriend who is a well-known model. Lily has lots of friends but there is no happiness in her «wonderful» life.  In the large apartment she feels lonely, her friends are insincere and selfish, her boyfriend is cheap fake.  Lily spent a lot of time and effort to make him famous, but  he doesn’t appreciate it . There is no warmth and tenderness and even the slightest shade of  love in their relationships. Between the hundreds souls she lost herself. Her job brings great profit and glory but no aesthetic pleasure and no joy. Every day Lily tries to find at least something positive in people and things around her but she notices only sadness and pain. She wants to make her life more colorful and full of happiness. But it is all in vain. People’s simpers, their vulgarity and emptiness kills the artist in her soul. Lily finds the rest only among the green trees in the park  listening the birds’ singing, watching  funny animals and children’s happy smiles.  That’s the real life she wants to live but she can’t find her way there anymore.

After all, exhausted, broken and depressed Lily fell sick and gets to the hospital. There she realizes that no one really needed her. Her friends forget about her existing and her beloved man doesn’t visit Lily because  he is busy on shooting. Forgetfulness and indifference  are the price of her career.

A week after Lily drives along busy city streets to the empty house in where no one waiting for her. With trembling voice she calls her boyfriend and in response she hears:   " Oh, baby! I’m on the party now, there are many important people here. I can’t meet you, sorry! You’d better come to the club by yourself and we’ll celebrate your recovery." Tears rolling down her cheeks, she sees nothing in front of her. Suddenly Lily knocks the cyclist. Fortunately, there is nothing serious with him. The man gets a few  slight injuries only.  Something strange happens between them, a spark of friendship at first sight. They go on dates until they both fall in love. His name’s Ian. He’s  from Alaska.

A month later Ian makes a proposal to Lily and wants to take her to Alaska.  Doubts tearing Lily.  New York is her home. Here she’s got a career and everything she got used, but there everything  unknown for her.  When her ex-boyfriend  learned  that Lily quits her  job and goes somewhere, he  asks her forgiveness and begs to stay with him. The woman is tired from lies and she takes the most important decisions in her  life - to start a new future for the sake of true love without insincerity. So, Lily goes to Alaska with Ian.

Now she’s  standing in the middle of the forest behind the wall of  silver rain. She got wet but she doesn’t care she is ready to devote her life for the divine beauty of the nature. She adores nature and everything it gives her. She is in love with the pouring rain in summer night when the first drops of early dew reflect gold sunrays.  She adores enigmatic and respectable forests,  fascinating  heavenly song of  the birds, gentle scent of greenness and flowers mixed with the fresh odor of needles. She is at home here and nobody has a right to disturb her when she is at home. Lily forgets everything she’s worried about before. That place has become the main part of her life, and an inalienable part of herself.  A huge impregnable mountain rests in the depth of the infinite space and there is amazing waterfall which she’s never seen during the whole her life spending in the big city. The river below the mountain pure as if it’s a rock crystal and deep. The pouring rain has stopped and she sees a great masterpiece created by God himself, the sun appears through the sky and lights up a grassland were gazelles herd  grazing in the company of  proud deer. It seemed that she get straight to paradise. She climbed at the top of the mountain where all this landscape was spread before the eyes. Watching the fairy beauty of nature and her caring man through the camera lens Lily feels realy happy at the first time in her life.
 A year later a famous artist and photographer Lilian presents her exhibition:
"My rebirth in paradise".

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