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The United States of America has been working on formulating various policies that are aimed at enhancing service delivery in various departments that exist in this nation. These policies have been introduced on the floor of the senate as Bills, which are then discussed and voted for or against. Among the bills that are currently being debated is the healthcare bill. This bill was introduced in the house of the Senate by Senator Harry Reid who has been a senator since 1987 with a lapse in between. He is a Democrat who has represented the people of the State of Nevada and also served as a leader of the senate.

There are various impacts that this bill has on the United States if it is passed into law. First, there would be an open access to healthcare with an increase in the number of people, especially children who have access to health insurance. Similarly, if this bill is passed into law, the American government will increase its investment in research on health issues. On the other hand, the bill will also champion for the enhancement of the quality of healthcare services through an improvement of the skills of health workers. This bill will work by reducing the premiums paid to insurance plans that are geared towards promoting health. These insurance plans will ensure that there is an increased number of the middle class people who have access to medical services through the health insurance plans. On the other hand, small businesses will benefit though a reduced tax cuts on the healthcare insurance thus putting them in a position whereby they will increase in number in terms of subscription to healthcare insurance (Reid).

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The Obama administration has formulated various programs that are geared towards improving the lives of the Americans and reducing the US government expenditure. Among these programs is acting in response to historical economic crisis. This program is aimed at reviving the economy of the United States and restoring it to normality. There are various challenges that this program has been experiencing. One of these challenges is unemployment. Most people in the United States are unemployed. As a result, there is a reduced contribution toward the economy from these people. On the other hand, these people have developed a tendency of relying on the government for support. For example, most people are unable to support themselves in taking care of their healthcare. This program is aimed at raising the rate of employment in the United States by creating opportunities that will allow more people to be employment. Consequently, this will reduce the number of people who are dependent on the government for support. On the other hand, empowering of people economically will increase their spending in the economy, thus boosting the overall economy of the United States (Summers).

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