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White collar crimes often can be viewed as financial, economic, political or corporate that may affect individuals, investors, companies, businesses and even governments. These types of crimes are not easy to identify, because perpetrators are acting using rather sophisticated methods and techniques. A common deterrent for this crime is nonviolent criminal offences

White collar crime is a definition, which is used to identify nonviolent criminal offences that are usually performed by members of the upper classes and involve illegal financial transactions and fraud (Reiman, 2006). This crime typically includes antitrust violation, bank fraud, blackmail, bribery, forgery, counterfeiting, insider trading, embezzlement and money laundering among others. These criminal actions lead to serious loss of money and information. The punishment for this crime is not very severe, but as a rule, after conducting a white collar crime, perpetrators are not allowed to continue their career and lose the trust of their clients and subordinates. Individuals, who commit white collar crimes, belong to socially respected professions and have high economic and social status. Many scholars argue that criminals, who commit white-collar crimes, are more dangerous for the American society than burglars and robbers (Reiman, 2006). Corporate culture and regulatory government must bear in the commission such culpability as appropriate punishments for those, who commit white collar crime. Bank fraud, for example, is a way to obtain money or other property. It should not be confused with bank robbery or theft. Bank fraud is often done with the help of computers and the Internet. There are different forms of bank fraud, such as stolen checks, forgery and altered checks, wire transfer fraud, fraudulent loans, accounting fraud, uninsured deposits and credit card fraud among others.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that though this type of crime is not very harmful for people`s health and life, it is considered to be more dangerous for the American society than burglars and robbers.

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