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One of the educative features I have designed deals with projection of different information to the audience. From my point of view, the order of the presentation of the content plays a significant role for the audience. Therefore, I have resolved to have a video projection of the content I deliberate to the audience. I find it hard often to give a large piece of information to the audience while I am offering verbal exemplariness. I have released that in order to make use of different styles of presentation, video presentation should be involved. Through the various presentations I have been involved in, it has been difficult to have audience embrace the physical structure of the content. In most cases, I have been making use of intense theory without involving contemporary examples.

My presentation concerns use of theory. This is done in order to elicit various types of ecological structures in the universe. The marine examples I have been using are dictated at establishing an equitable ground. This is where businesses will be dominated by use of stable marketing systems. Using video projections will be an easy facet that helps every procedure in the teaching to be vivid and intensified.

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One of the solutions that I have come up with is to install a video presentation ship in the projector machine. This machine will enable the user to have audio and video presentations. A java script that will dictate the presentation will accompany the chip with regard to the nature of resolution. The video presentation will be on the screen. A java script that will dictate the nature of video resolution will be used together with the video chip. The video chip will be ascribed to a number of codes. For instance, the chip will have the following codes that enable it to function well.

  • A high version video chip with intensified resolution speed
  • Inscribed language in the video
  • The description of the video chip  

After installing this chip into the normal projector machine, the audiences will be able to see the theoretical breakdown. This will happen in every demonstration. The video chip will work together with the audio chip in order to realize a true approach of reaching the new alternatives to the audience.



For the last two years, I have been finding difficulties in reaching out the notes and other pieces of information to the audience. The necessary facets that are used to transfer information from the classroom to the audience have been through establishing prints of the messages in the centers.


In order to have a solemn way of letting the clients access the possible approaches of information to the audiences, Nero will provide a way of having live lectures and presentations taken by the audience. The Nero system will work in connection with other technological applications. The presentation will be done in order to come with a processing system that seeks to depict easier transfer of information to the audience. It is necessary to have a solid avenue of administering Nero applications. Through this application, students will be able to have immediate projects and live presentations for further study. The Nero technology will enable production of copies that bear live presentations. In such a case, audiences will be able to access the information contained in the lecture notes. The application will be managed through a number of other applications like:

  • The application will be stored in a temporary site protected by a password
  • The general work of Nero will be protected by the servers and users who will be accorded their respective passwords
  • The application chip will enable reproduction of the presentations to audiences at the process of presentation

Audio control


There is an evident problem when handling different approaches of sound in the machine I use for information delivery. The projector is devoid of sustainable audio control. This device enables the audience to be in control of the available data and tools while studying and researching. The approaches used by the available mechanism of operation are directed at bringing out the best forms of services in and out of the learning centers. The difficulties and challenges that have been disturbing many members from accessing the audio services from the presentations will be solved through these services.


The audio control will be operated from a computer that is connected to the projection machine under use. The exact audio system will be a sound blaster Axx control. The PC that has a substantial connection to the projector will control this device. Every aspect being projected will be assessed and processed. The audio will posses some of the latest forms of technology. Such a technology will be processed in the mechanisms of operation within the avenues of production. The operations of the audio system will be categorical of all the facts that reflect a perfect audio exemplification. The system will be safe and secured from any outside attack. In order to keep all these at hand, the system will be maintained by a number of applications.

  • The audio system will have a location within the main personal computer
  • The personal computer and entry chip into the system will be protected by a password
  • The presentation will commence when the audio chip is available for use within the system
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