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A job description outlines the scope, limits of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that individuals in a specific position have to perform (Sharma 21). This serves as a training aid for entrants into this position. The tourism and hospitality industry plays a vital role in the economy. Thus, entry-level tourism position provides a link to all other departments within an organization. It is essential to note that the staff in hospitality and tourism industry is the most vital resource. Thus, an entry-level tourism position provides an interface to all the other departments, as they function together in harmony (Hayes and Ninemeier 7). Top level management has specific department-related duties, middle-level managers and supervisors link upper level management with the entry level staff in day to day operations (HotelMule paragraph 4). Thus, the department supervisors ensure that the entry-level staff performs the assigned duties in an appropriate manner. The supervisors report to the departmental managers.

The reporting relationship in tourism related industry provides the incumbent report to the supervisor. The supervisors then report to the middle level managers who in turn report to the top-level mangers (Hayes and Ninemeier 8). Thus, the entrants must abide by the guidelines in order to ensure smooth information flow.

Job Description and Requirement

The responsibilities of the incumbent in the entry level include, but not limited to duties, such as gathering information about the industry, answering questions from clients, keeping records of clients. They perform these duties as assigned by the supervisors. Measures of performance in this job depend on clients’ response on how they perform duties. In addition, the supervisors provide the means for performance review. Also, the incumbent must possess prerequisite skills such as excellent communication, leadership, organizational, and report writing. In addition, the minimum education qualification for this entry-level tourism position is a degree in tourism and hospitality management with six months experience in the hotel and tourism sector.

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