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Free Example of Transferring to UIUC Essay

Work is a fundamental aspect of my life, and as I am twenty-seven years old, I would like to make a few career moves to ensure my future happiness. I have been living in the United States nearly for four years, and learned that self-motivation is a wholly worthwhile step to achieve my ultimate goals. While serving in the military in South Korea, I realized that providing goods for consumers is my dream that has to be fulfilled in future.

To hit my personal target, I decided on taking up business finance courses in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and getting a Degree, which is of great importance for me. It would become the first step in my career ladder. Moreover, there are several reasons why I want to go for it.

As I am apt, persistent, and communicative, I want to deal with people from all over the world in order to secure my job opportunities.  I am not afraid of setting up an enterprise because I am quite optimistic about my prospects, and have a capacity to challenge myself.

Studying at this university will help me achieve great results in my future career, as they offer high-quality, challenging courses. Although it is hard to study there, an active educational experience is guaranteed. Apparently, my academic interests will be fulfilled, because the University of Illinois is an international leader in teaching.

Honestly, every day I make one step closer to my destination. I enjoy finance, and consider it to be beneficial. Furthermore, it will help me conduct business, that is why I have chosen this option.

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