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Free Example of Visual Design Essay

Advertising plays a great role in modern society’s development. It is a powerful tool to encourage people to do or buy something. Most advertisements are made either by big corporations or by little companies to attract people’s attention to the products or services they offer. The main purpose of advertising campaigns is to create such ad that people will start to discuss, think about, and, finally, choose to buy the product or service. Advertisements capture our attention, time and thoughts. The main idea of advertisement is to persuade people to do or buy something, wherever the influence comes from: billboards, magazines, or TV commercials.

There are a lot of social problems in the world that people want to speak about and to encourage others to think about. They can touch the environment, flora and fauna problems, human health and safety problems, poverty problems, etc. The most persuasive advertisings are the ones that closely relate to the day-to-day life.

The commercial that really touched me covers the topic of unsafe driving.  This video advertisement was created by Dexia, the Axion brand from Belgium. It managed to win 8 awards in Cannas festival and to collect over 1 million views on YouTube.

The commercial starts with a tree shuddering because something heavy hit it. The next frame shows a car that crushed into the tree. Later we can see several people in the car - ordinary men sitting in their seats. They are unconscious and seem to have a lot of injuries. The next moment, a driver and a passenger are shown dying; their souls leave them and start flying to Heaven. Finally, the passenger sitting next to the driver is shown; and something prevents his soul from leaving his body. The soul attempts to escape, but it simply cannot. In a moment this man wakes up and starts grasping air. He opens eyes and looks at the sky. The camera changes perspective, portraying the man from above with a the slogan: “Heaven Can Wait, Belt Up!” After the commercial ends, it leaves a long-lasting impression, convincing the audience to think about the message.

The topic of this advertisement targets all people who have ever driven a car, basically almost every person in our country. It raises the problem of safety while driving for both drivers and passengers. It shows that belts play a crucial role in our life safety during transportation. Therefore, this advertisement promotes public health well and serves as a great reminder to drive safely.

The soundtrack to this commercial fully suits the visuals, especially in the episode with souls flying away. It really touches the heart. The visual effects look great and inspiring in that episode as well. Nevertheless, this advertisement has a little fault. It makes you doubt certain things, like that moment with the soul trying to escape from the body fastened to a seat. The soul is intangible, thus the belt cannot hold it. Nevertheless, it is a part of a commercial’s message. The main message of this ad is “Heaven Can Wait, Belt Up!” This message in combination with the sound and visual effects has a deep impact on people’s minds and convinces them to analyze it. This advertisement has a very creative concept, because no one thinks that the soul can be caught by the seat belt. It is caught and cannot escape, which prompts to conclude that the seat belts are vitally important for safe driving.

This advertisement is very creative, powerful, and effective in promotion of safe driving. It convinces us to think about the importance of seat belts, both for drivers and passengers. Therefore, remember that fastening a seat belt can save your life.

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