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Washington said that the greatest benefit he received when he joined Hampton washis friendship with General Armstrong who would become his benefactor and mentor (Haskins J & Jim H. Pg 105). When he made the most important decision of enrolling in Hampton, they became friends with General Armstrong who was the principal of the school. Armstrong made arrangements for the northern philanthropist to pay tuition fees for Washington. Booker T. was made a school janitor and he was given a room in the school. He graduated from Hampton min the year 1875 and he was given a responsibility of teaching in a program for the Native Americans. He was offered a position of a principal of a school that trained back teachers in Tuskegee which was authorized by the legislature of Alabama after spending two years teaching in his native West Virginia. This position was offered to him through the influence of General Armstrong because of their close friendship. This position made Washington to be famous in the entire world. It was General Armstrong who taught Washington the important doctrines of economic advancement and conciliation of the whites. Washington recruited many students from the county and he held the institute’s first classes (Haskins J & Jim H. Pg 106).

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Reasons why Booker T. Washington and General Armstrong held respect for each other

Booker T. Washington respected General Chapman Armstrong because he was the most influential person in his life. Also he gave him respect because he led the black troops in the Civil War and his ability to convince the freedmen that there future laid entirely in industrial and practical education. Armstrong also instilled Christian virtues in the freedmen. On the other hand general Armstrong respected booker t. Washington because he was extraordinarily clever and ambitious person. General Armstrong's also respected him because he effectively assimilated his emphasis on industrial skills and the required building of character.


These two men shaped the black American education as they improved the industrial education which enabled the African-American people to get a share in the national industrialization.

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