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Weapon ownership in the US is regulated by various laws which have a slight difference depending with the state. Different states have different regulations regarding the ownership of weapons. Weapon ownership has been very emotional topic that has generated heated debates regarding the formulation and interpretation of policies relating to weapon use. Those seeking more strict regulation on gun ownership often exploit the public emotions (Ludwig and cook, pg228). They seem to propagate arguments based on past crimes and gruesome incidences that have occurred in the past. On the other hand opponents to gun control claim that weapons are necessary to deter crime  

Generally majority of people are ignorant about gun ownership and base their arguments on theories formulated and popularised by politicians. Due to this gun owners have become targets to restrictions and requirements from time to time (Ludwig and cook, pg 260). Gun clubs have not been spared and the publicised ones are often targets by various politicians. Despite political involvement, gun ownership has not been significant in political campaigns. In fact it is estimated that only 1% of Americans consider gun ownership as a relevant issue (Glaeser and Glendon, pg 500). This shows that the number of Americans who support gun control is minimal. Gun owners on the other hand are very protective on the issue of weapon ownership. In fact they can make political decisions based on this fact alone

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The purpose of licensing private weapons is to provide individuals with protection against assault. The owners have been able to deter crime especially with the use of hand guns. Studies show that use of weapons in deterrence of crime occurs at a higher rate than in criminal activity.


Ownership of weapons is a topic that tends to draw interest from various quarters especially after shooting incidences (Cook, 2010). Regulating weapon ownership in order to prevent crimes and inappropriate use is important. Activist who seek absolute ban on weapon ownership do so to promote public safety but this could unintentionally lead to crime proliferation. Majority of gun owners have not been involved in crime and use these cans only when necessary. 

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