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Learning is a cyclic and cumulative process of a continuous updating and expansion of knowledge. Learning is the process of an incessant transformation of personality. A person studies much more successfully and easier if a definite individual learning style is created according to his natural data. The difficulties arise in case if a teacher, neglecting the features of a pupil’s identity, demands “copying” of own actions. In this case, it can be unproductive, but it will be worse if a pupil acquires the style which does not correspond to his personal features. It can cause the further discomfort; reduce efficiency and productivity of the learning activity. Thus, the creation of the conditions for formation, development, and improvement of their learning styles by pupils is one of the leading problems of the pedagogical process. Therefore, it is possible to say that a learning style is always influenced by a teacher or parents while growing up.

A learning style is defined by the perception and information interpretation and also reaction to it. A learning style has two main measurements: the way of information collection and the way of information assessment. If people want to achieve success, they should learn constantly. The one who owns knowledge keeps competitive advantages. As a big part of the knowledge becomes outdated within several years, people should fill this gap constantly. A continuous learning is an indispensable condition of a vital success. Thus, a learning style changes during a lifespan; when people become mature, their attitude to learning changes, the ways of memorizing and perception of the information also change depending on the people’s preferences.

The researches carried out within 30 last years showed that all students depending on the learning styles peculiar to them can be divided into four main groups: with divergent, assimilating, convergent, and accommodation learning styles.

“Students differ in their abilities, interests, and background knowledge, but not in their learning styles. Students may have preferences about how to learn, but no evidence suggests that catering to those preferences will lead to better learning”.                                                                

A divergent learning style is characterized by the definite experience and reflexive observation, while an assimilative learning style includes an abstract conceptualization. Students using these styles can process a great deal of information and present it in a compact logical form.

An active experimentation is pequliar to a convergent learning style. People using this style during the process of learning actively apply different ideas and theories. An accommodation learning style is characterized by the active experiments.

Speaking of my own learning style, I can surely say that my style is divergent. I like to generate new ideas requiring alternatives. I like a creative activity connected with the many-sided consideration of the problem.

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