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Free Example of When Opportunity Changes Everything Essay

To my point of view, I am worth of deserving a MDC Scholarship, because I am single-minded, well-educated, and a person full of ambitions. What is more, I am enrolled on three credit courses towards the end of a MDC degree. Furthermore, I am also a member of a Credit Union, which makes my chances of getting the scholarship higher.

It is a common knowledge that college usually gives certain scholarships for those students who show paramount levels of athletic, academic or artistic performance, are the members of particular subjects, or are competent in special regional profiles. As for me, I am a member of a variety of regional clubs; to my mind, this reason is great enough to help me to get the deserving scholarship. Often, I go to different meetings where each student, the member of the club, gives his or her suggestions concerning the crucial role of college in everyday life and how it touches and changes every student. Currently, I am gathering all the needed information, which includes proper documentation and interviews. What is more, I have an array of various essays which can prove my credibility and identify me as the person who is worth of a particular scholarship.

In my opinion, there should be announced some facts, namely:

  • My GPA is 4, 4 (which I think is splendid for getting such reward as a scholarship).
  • Being the person who is always ready for college level courses and represents high knowledge of all the needed criteria and steps to achieve the deserving level, and ultimately, the scholarship.

Finally, this scholarship would have a considerable impact on my further education, because the fact of winning and getting the deserving award would always stimulate me to study better and harder, from dawn to dusk, demonstrating high results and profound knowledge of the chosen majors.

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