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In the modern world, many consumers worry about the problem of the food quality and its harmlessness for a human body. Especially it concerns various fruits and vegetables. In this case, the person is worried most of all by amount of nitrates in the bought delicacies. It is known that nitrates are an obligatory component of mineral fertilizers which are so necessary to grow up a worthy crop. Unfortunately, it very often happens that farmers exceed an admissible norm of nitrates for the sake of the increase of the crop. Fruits simply do not manage to process nitrates in that case, and the consequence is that nitrates become people’s daily food. For a human body, these components of fruits and vegetables are rather dangerous substances and can cause poisoning of any complexity. To avoid it, it is necessary to be especially careful or to use in an everyday life a special dosimeter or a gadget called ecotester, which measures nitrates.

With the help of this useful gadget, blindly shopping in the market can be cancelled. Now people can choose vegetables and fruit not only by appearance but also being guided by their structure. The device is powered from batteries; therefore, it is autonomous and portable. It will easily go into the pocket. The highlighted display will facilitate the use of the ecotester in a night-time or at insufficient illumination. Ecotester is a universal product which helps to define the level of radioactive radiation of not only products but also glassware which one intends to acquire.

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It is necessary to conduct the measurements only according to the instructions, where admissible norms are specified, as a rule. Irrespective of the model or the producer, the main mission of this useful gadget is an assessment of the nitrates that are in meat, vegetables, and fruit as well as in baby food. This gadget works quite simply: it is necessary to pierce only a studied product with a special probe, which in most cases takes place below the gadget, to receive a result.

Each tester has in advance set standard of the maximum-permissible concentration (MPC) of nitrates. After accomplishing certain manipulations by the device, there is an inscription on the display, specifying the amount of the nitrates that is present in this or that product. For convenience in operating, many gadgets are equipped with special indicators of red, yellow, and green colors, which lit depending on the received result. Modern ecotesters are usually equipped with the soft covers that are capable of saving the gadget from possible damage, casual falling, etc. Besides, they have a simple indicator of the battery charge, which signals from time to time about the need of recharge of a tester. It is possible to make it very simply: it is only necessary to connect the gadget to the power supply network.

 Each agronomist considers his/her duty to grow up the biggest tomato, the biggest corn, a huge number of cucumbers and water-melons. Unfortunately, ordinary people become victims of these races, as the overdoses of fertilizers affect their health. Everyone seeks for the consumption of environmentally friendly products, but people again and again “step on the same nitrated rake” and “fall in the same genetically modified hole”. Today, it is possible to change the situation. This useful development of the scientists, at last, gave people a chance to independently conduct testing for the concentration of nitrates as well as a radioactive radiation. The gadget is available and its cost is rather low and depends on the model.

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