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The paper on the impact of age and birth year on the probability of indulgence with wild life and wildlife related activities is aimed at aiding the stakeholders attain proper planning and marketing of recreation and wildlife. The paper bases its recommendations on a study that was undertaken to assess the impact age has on the wildlife observation. The probability of hunting waterfowls was also a base of logistic regression model. The models were created at these standards (Spence pr. 2).

The findings of the model created showed that the hunting of waterfowls reduced with the birth year and age. This was at a probable range taken as an assumption. The findings also brought about a probable range that signified that the viewing of wildlife rose with the age reduction to an optimum point. It showed that the statistics practically based their findings in relation to optimum ages. This meant that the individuals’ participation in viewing of wildlife rose to an optimum level after which it began to reduce. This meant that it was directly affiliated to the birth year. It is vital to consider the model of using birth year and age in plans, in direct marketing of wildlife related activities.

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The proposal that the effect of information on willingness to pay value of endangered species directly affects marketing is vastly accepted (Trac pr. 1). That is not as influential as the impact of age and birth year on the probability of indulgence with wildlife and wildlife related activities. The paper focuses on contingent valuation for the people’s willingness to pay for recreation and preservation of public treasures. Findings show that the respondents to the pay program are affected by education levels. The highly educated have lower willingness to pay yet, the less educated respondents respond more positively to the idea. The idea of incorporating economic criteria to biodiversity and conservation policy is highly encouraged. The process of utility of economic valuation techniques is encouraged, but it is debatable whether it is effective or not. Many variables affect the inception of these techniques. So, they should be considered and replaced in order for it to function optimally.

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