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Free Example of Windows Vista Essay

Many problems and issues existing in Window Vista are improved. As many compatibility issues are noticed in Window Vista so the end users are reluctant with Window Vista. To meet the demands of the end users and network administrators Window 7 is used. Window is very optimistic for the business PCs designed to meet the needs of the IT professionals. It has a feature of Direct Access. It allows the network users to connect the corporate network from any where without the VPN thus reducing support cost.

Window 7 is released as beta version (test) for general public and impacted positively who used it. Window 7 is ongoing improvement in the security to make PCs safer and secure. Window 7 Ultimate editions have all features of other editions with three advance features of AppLocker, Bit Locker and Branch Cache.

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In presence of many new and advance features in Window 7 it lacks a virus checker and other similar issues.

  • UAC  (user account control) issues
  • OS not recognized as valid
  • Screen resolution issues
  • 16-bit applications on x64

Up gradation of a program is necessary used for earlier versions of windows. With out up gradation that program does not work window 7. I have experienced this issue with the Windows7. We have also seen that Window Vista is short lived as compared to XP editions that remained almost for the one decade before the introduction of the Window7.  

Microsoft has introduced the Window 7 to facilitate the customers for their market demand. Why the Microsoft is marketing the Window7 in IT industry? The main reason of this marketing is to provide the better alternative of Window Vista to administrators and end users. In the world of business IT Microsoft is moving its services towards on-demand. It has been noticed that Window 7 has performed best on those machines where Window was not working well. In this way the difference based on performance of Window Vista and Window7 is clear.

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