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By definition, workplace diversity is used to refer the various differences of employees in an organization. The key parameters focused are gender, race, age, education background and cognitive styles. Diversity involves how employees think about themselves, as well as how they perceive their colleagues. Human resource experts need to address the need of diversity to enhance change, communication and easy adaptability. Once the organization shifts to embrace diversity multiple advantages can be witnessed.

Diversity leads to the increase of the market and service range. Companies that encourage diverse skills, experiences and culture are more likely to penetrate deeper in the global market compared to those that do little to diversify their work force. Different cultures have different tastes and beliefs, and encouraging diversity would lead to suggestions that could equip the organization with fresh ideas to innovate services suitable for different cultures and thereby increasing their sales volumes (Stockdale, 5). The ability to compete in global markets further improves the reputation of an organization and this too acts to the benefit from organizations.

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Diversity provides an organization with variety of ideas which can be harnessed to increase productivity. People are gifted in various ways and the greater the diversity of the employees, the more the chanced of getting different suggestions on how to improve the profitability of an organization. When employees are allowed to voice their views, there is a good chance of harnessing their talents, and they also feel encouraged to work harder in what they know best. This boosts their morale, and hence maximize on their productivity leading to lower cost of labor, and eventually the profit margins shots up. Employees feel that their contribution in the organization is appreciated, and more innovations are likely to be witnessed as they target to perfect their individual talents.

A good working environment is established when diversity sets in. Diversity encourages freedom of communication between the junior employees and the supervisor. This efficient communication, understanding and recognition lead to retention of good and productive employees, since they feel part of a larger team with a common goal (Esty et al., 17). Staff retention leads to accumulation of experienced workers, who are more likely to spend less time to do certain functions of an organization compared to newer inexperienced staff. Experience also leads to high standards of customer satisfaction, high quality production of both goods and services, and this works positively for organizations when it comes to the profit margins.

Language and culture differences have been big challenges to the global market. Employing people from diverse language backgrounds enables organizations to comfortably set the satellite plants in internationally. Staffing of such companies is made easier, because the companies hire natives from the host country who are more likely to understand the market patterns, culture and language of the new market leading to the success of the organization. The Coca Cola Company has numerous production factories in numerous countries besides boasting of being a recognized brand in the world.

In most countries throughout the modern world, it is illegal for employers to recruit employees based on their ethnic backgrounds, gender, color or race. Companies that encourage diversity have reduced incidences of harassment and discrimination. This reduces the probability of lawsuits from employees. Such charges can kill the company’s image to the global community, and it may result in the tragic downfall of the well established organizations.

It should also be noted that a number of end consumers appreciate companies that encourage diversity in their hiring of employees. Organizations that tend to hire employees based on their back grounds may end up losing a lot of business from the perception of potential customers, and this in the long term can cause a company to close.

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