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In the team I was assigned a research about the us page. I researched on university policy, equality, finance, our campus and finally about schools and institutes. The university has rules governing studentsí admission, staff and rules governing the existing students. The students are supposed to abide by the rules and regulation. All students should participate in school curriculum and be involved in at least one club. Students who are engaged in criminal activities are dismissed from the university. Students should attend at lest 80 % of the credit hours or they retake the course. Incase of cheating or plagiarism a student is suspended for two semesters or one year of study and pays a certain fee. Student should clear their fee balance before exam in order for them to take the exams. Lectures are supposed to attend all class and present records of their students after the end of the semester. The rules and regulation are respected by the university members and those who do not abide by the rules are awarded punishment.

My research concerning the university equality showed that all students and staff are equal and the university treats all people equally. There is no discrimination in the university and all those in university are suppose to respect each other. Incase of misconduct between the students a respective punishment is taken on the students causing trouble. The university protects the privacy of all students and information about the studentís background is kept secretly. Only employees dealing with the registration and data update have access to studentís information. The university gets funds from the school fee paid by the students. Each student is supposed to pay tuition fee and other charges which maintain the welfare of the university. The university also gets loans from banks and financial institutions. The university offers scholarship to students who perform well and poor students in need of financial assistance. The university has different programs which offer bursaries and scholarships to the needy students.

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The research about our campus included the location of the universities main campus. The campus is located at Arizona. The location provides a favorable study environment. It is located in a cool environment and near town. Police officers are always patrolling the area and this ensures sufficient security. The university has teaching and non-teaching staff. It has a contracted guard force which ensures enough security in the college. The university provides accommodation to local and international students. It provides water, food and staff allowances. The university develops studentís talent by ensuring that they develop both socially and academically.† The university inspires students from all corners of the world to take charge of their careers from the first day of admission. The university has other colleges and branches, but they operate from the main campus. Graduation takes place at the mains campus. All schools and institutions report the progress to the university main campus. There many school at Arizona, Boston, New York and California. They offer the same courses which were researched by Julia.

Team members and their contribution

Many people assisted in the development of the website for marketing the university. Each person brought up is information to be added to the website. Meetings were held to discuss about the development and confirm the progress. The following team members participated in different ways, Michael, Julia, David, Lawrence, William and Kelly. There were other two members who were dormant and did not participate.


He was the project manager and programmer. He was responsible for management of all operations and supervision of the project. He took care of the process and made sure the requirements were available. When individuals were in need of extra facilities they contacted him that he could provide or advice on the way out. Meetings were chaired by him, he arranged for meetings which all individuals presented their problems and the progress of their work. He was responsible of assigning each team member what to research on and the required period to complete the task. All people respected his decisions since they were final and biding. In supervision he made sure that those who did not perform as required were awarded punishment.

After completion of research the team members brought their information to Michael for evaluation. He evaluated the information, approved necessary information and disapproved unnecessary information. Individuals who did not work seriously were forced by him to repeat their task. He kept in informing us the progress of the implantation of the website after we gathered all the information. He allocates the budget for the whole process and made sure each person was fully financed. He thanked the team after the delivery of relevant information and said that the work was good and the same spirit should be maintained.


Julia was the assistant project managers and a researcher. She was responsible for searching the programs which the university offers and the home page. She represented Michael when he was absent. She chaired the meeting and people consulate her incase of problem many people consulted her since Michael was busy doing other business. She delivered the necessary information to the project manager. She was concerned with team memberís welfare. Those who could not take some task informed her and asked for permission. Those with other serious problems like sickness, attending other meetings informed her and requested for assisted when necessary. She presented those issues to the project manger.

She contacted research on various issues. She contacted research on how to make the home page for the university and the requirements. She contacted many universities to make sure that she gets relevant information about the implementation of the home page. She proposed that the home page should be green in color and have a variety of pictures. He came up with the suggestion that the pictures that are suppose to be displayed at the home page should be for graduation, students in class, the alumni and for other field of the university. She suggested that the pictures should be displayed at show randomly were by when individuals open the site they can see all those pictures in short duration. The home page should have other tool bare which will give relevant information upon clicking. Those tool bare should include all the information gathered by other team members. After delivering the information concerning the home page she also researched about the programs offered.

In her research concerning the programs she brought up the following information. She said that the university offers different faculties which have many programs. The faculties are headed by deans and the programs are headed by chairman of departments. She found that the university offers seven faculties with different programs. It offers Faculty of Agriculture which has different programs classified under departments. There is the program of Agricultural husbandry, Fundamental of agricultural products, Research on agricultural products, and Agricultural development. The second was the Faculty Arts and Social Sciences. The faculty deals with social sciences and arts lessons. It has different programs which include; Sociology, Criminology, Psychological counseling, Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, Social policy and development, Criminal investigation, Communication and Media Studies, Journalism and finally Community development.

Other faculties are Faculty of Commerce which has the following programs, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Financial management and Accounting Concepts. Faculty of Education includes education with the following programs, early childhood, education arts and sciences, Psychology of learning and Child development. Faculty of Environmental Studies included environmental development and protection studies. The faculty of health science includes laboratory science, clinical officer, pharmacy and pharmacology, nursing courses, community health, midwife and nursing and neural surgery. Faculty of Science includes natural science, engineering, chemistry, biology and chemistry. She concluded by saying that she come up with that information. She said that according to the research she did on various universities she noted that the programs are located at the home page of the website. She concluded that the information concerning those programs should be located at the right of tool bares containing information. They should be under the name programs offered and on clicking the information concerning the programs and faculties should be viewed on a separate page rather than the home page.


David was responsible for designing the web. She was concerned about the access styles, logo and layout of the website. He gave out relevant information concerning the web and the way it should appears in order to attract many people. On the side of logo David was unable to propose for a prominent logo, but he suggested that we should outsource specialist to handle the issue. He said that the investigation he did with many universities they said that that they advertised logo competition and many companies placed their bid to participate in the competition. He said that he will advertised the competitions and choose the company which makes a good log and reward them $200. He said that the logo will attract the customers and people who come across the website will be encouraged to be more concerned.

Concerning the layout and access style he proposed that the web should have the home page proposed by Julia and the appearance of the website should be green in color. He said that the reason for choosing green is that green is a bright color and even those people who are color blind are able to view the color. The pictures should be placed at the centre and showed automatically at random. The pictures should be of different colors rather than green and this will make the website more attractive. The information gathered by all team members should be placed at the top of the website under different topics. The information which is almost related should be place under one bare which will show other information upon clicking. He added that the website should have a place to sign up for those people who want to receive updates and relevant information. They will be receiving news via email which they provide upon signing up, and this will attract them to join the university or advice their friends about the university. He claimed that when the website will be set according to his suggestion it will be able to have many visitors who can become customers of the university. He said that the website should be made immediately the logo is provided.


Lawrence together with Julie was concerned about researching. Lawrence was responsible for researching about new students, international students, disabled students and the application procedure. Concerning new students he gathered the information regarding admission requirement and studentís welfare, qualification of new students and the requirements for individuals willing to join the university. The information collected included the grades which the student should attend and the health conditions. He further gave out the information concerning the welfare of the new students like accommodation and food. He said that the students take food at the university canteen, and they should pay accommodation and food fee. For international students he said that they should be able to find accommodation within the school compound, since they do not know more about the geographical position. They should contact themselves according to the laws of the country and abide by the countries constitution. Those who break the laws of the country will be dismissed from the university. He collected this information from different universities and they told him that they keep on watch for international students since some come from countries which do not respect human dignity. For example, in Jamaica taking marijuana is not a crime but in America is a crime. Students from Jamaica have to respect American constitution or else they be dismissed from the university. International students should have attained high school education and passed for them to enroll in bachelors program. Those intending to register for masters they should be in possession of the first degree with second class honors upper division or second lower with at least two years working after their graduation.

Disabled students are provided with necessary facilities to enable then study without difficulty. Those crippled are assisted to walk using wheel chair from one point to anther in order to attend class. Lectures attend those who can not move to their respective places. In other occasions the students are emailed notes and reading materials if they can not make it to class. Those who can not see are told using the blind people materials while those with reading difficulties are given lens to help them to be able to view without difficulties. The university respects the dignity of all students and the disabled are not abused. He said that the principle that they respect the disabled and they are not abused should be included at the studentís home page. He added that this will attract the disabled to join the university since many people across the world abuses the disabled.

The university provides application online and this should be included in the website. The application procedure should be available at the studentís home page. The students should apply online and those who wiling to apply physically by dropping the application forms will be encouraged to apply. Those applying should sign up first at the website and then provide their relevant information. They should fill the application form. Upon completion of the application they should pay a fee of $ 50 through electronic means. The accepted means of payment are Visa, MasterCard and Egold. The submission of the application form and payment should be accompanied by a confirmation email that the application was successful and the applicant will be contacted back after his/her application will be reviewed.† That was the information gathered by Lawrence and the suggestions which he made. He gathered the information from different universities in order to identify the appropriate to include at the webpage and how it should be addressed on order to attract many students. He said that the information which he gathered was important because it contains the requirement and the main business of the university. He added that the information was relevant since he contacted different universities concerning the inclusion of this section at the website and they assisted him.


William was another member of the team. He was involved in researching about the students at the university. He researched about the accommodation fee, finance, open day and student support and services. The accommodation fee is paid together with the tuition fee. Those willing to take their accommodation in the university are given rooms upon payment of the accommodation fee.† Some students are day scholars and they only go to the University for Studies. Those students do not pay the accommodation fee. The students are entitled to pay $ 500 per semester for accommodation fee. This amount is added to the tuition fee and those who do not pay for accommodation fee are not allocated rooms in the hostels.

Studentís fee and finance is paid on the opening day but in three installments. Upon registration a students is required to pay 60 % of the total amount and before exam to complete the remaining 40 %. He said that the fee should not be include at the website but those wiling to join should first sign up and then other details to be provided to them he said the tool bare for amount to be paid should only be available to those who sign up and request for information. He said from the information gathered from different universities they do not provide this information, because many people are scared about the total fee but on signing up one commits himself and he pays more attention.

Opening days are provided in the website for the students to view. The first week after opening there no class but students carry out registration of the courses they take and payment of fee. Student support and services is provided by the non teaching staff. It includes services like transportation, medical care, welfare and loans. Those students who can not afford school fee are awarded scholarship and bursaries. They are provided with loans to pay when they get employed. Transportation of students to sports and other social occasions is provided by university. The university has buses and other personal vehicles which provide the transport to student and university staff. The students and staffs who are transferred to other campus are provided with transport freely. Medical services are available at the university. There is a dispensary which offers medical service to the sick students. There is an ambulance which is used to carry those in critical conditions. William provided that information and suggested that it should be included at the website since it will attract and make students to get interest of joining the university when they see the services provided by the university. Many students will be attracted by social occasion, sports and club congresses.


Kelly was the secretary of the team. He was responsible for taking the minutes and during meetings and created Grantt chart then work breakdown. He prepared the chart which included the proposed steps of the creation of the website. During the meetings he took minutes and presented them during the next meetings. He was always available during the meeting. After the preparation of the Grant chart and the work breakdown he presented to us during the meeting and said that all team members should work to meet the deadline. Every team member respected what was read and presented by the secretary. Those who did not adhere to the work breakdown were taken to the project manager for further action.

Other members

There are other two members who did not participate in the development of the website. They were among team members, but they were not assigned any task though they attend all the meetings. They only participated in minor things like praying before and after the meetings, arranging the seating. Those were not there task, but they assisted when need raised. There purpose in the team was to complete the number of the team members.

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