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Nowadays world is full of different technologies. They surround us, making our life easier, bringing diversity to it. Technologies did not erupt out of nowhere they were invented, improved and lined up to perfection by people. People who deal with technologies on the everyday basis are engineers, and I would like to specifically address mechanical engineers, who happen to work in the narrow field of technology, involving a lot of brainstorming, as well as application of human instinctive understanding of the work of complex mechanisms.

I believe in personal approach as a guarantee of successful outcome of any venture. The very same principle relates to study. Being a dedicated learner, I spent hours reading lots of different books; as I grew up, my interests became more specific and I concentrated solely on technologies, looking forward to become an engineer in the future. My interest to different mechanics and technologies was not purely theoretical I enjoyed playing and later working with various mechanisms, exploring the way they were constructed. I believe this proves I was interested in engineering from the early years of my life, and my intentions of earning a degree in this field of study are fully justified.

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As university education is absolutely impossible without proper preparation, I feel proud of myself. I was an excellent student back in school and commenced specialising in Maths, Physics and Chemistry back at that time. In order to become even better prepared for the future study in university, I took special courses, giving me valuable theoretical knowledge in the field of maths and physics, as well as chemistry. I believe this will be an advantage of mine over the other students studying together with me I am fully prepared to handling the toughest courses this university may offer. This keeps my motivation really high, and makes my leadership self-assurance even higher. I feel being an outstanding student will help me become a leader of my fellow students, who will be willing to get a hand of help while studying or just a friendly advice. I am ready to become a leader and meet all the challenges this might involve me in.

In the course of preparation for studying mechanical engineering I learnt a lot of things outside the area. I believe this is essential, as being an expert in any area impossible if the person is not familiar with the essentials of how the life works. This includes basics of economics, the political layout of the world etc. As a mechanical engineering expert I might find having diverse knowledge appealing, since I have to know what to do with my knowledge. For example, once I design some device, I would like to know ahead if it will be in demand by people, or if it will be useful for at least one other person than me. Thus I believe having theoretical knowledge needs to be followed with practical application of the knowledge. I wish to become useful to the society and to my community by total commitment to my work and using my knowledge for the sake of other people.

Since I come from a different country, I wish to prove my knowledge according to the UK standards. I am working on Maths and Physics A-level course, and wish to provide them as a best proof of my excellent knowledge in the area and my preparedness to study mechanical engineering. I do realise it will take more time and efforts than I expect, but I feel myself capable of meeting and overcoming all the challenges I might run into during my study at university. I believe I am the right candidate to be entitled a student of your university, and I wish my intentions will be brought to life.

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