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Free Example of Coffee Beverage Market Essay

Following a quick analysis of the available information, the coffee beverage market has had a consistent upward trend in demand. The rate of growth of the demand for premium coffee in Asia was likely to be faster than that of Western countries. However, though the coffee market continued to grow in size, it has still been a challenging business with Diedrich in the United States experiencing solvency problems and cases of investors shying away whenever Coffee Bean announced the prospect of an initial public offering. In this respect, many coffee shops in Thailand have not been highly profitable with rumors existing in the market that one of BCC’s competitors, a local market participant, wishes to pursue an exit strategy. This depicts the reduction in the business condition in most of the markets related to Thailand.

Regardless of the aforementioned limits, the Black Canyon has been increasing its sales outlets through investing in new locations. Black Canyon believes that creating one new location within a short period of time including a month is a highly sustainable target. By the time the second decade ended, Pravit hoped that the number of locations would have risen to 200 locations operating in ten different countries.

In contrast, Holland viewed the firm’s potential growth from a different perspective. The main idea in this case is growing the firm with its self-sufficiency taking the lead where the groups of branches that are newly-opened are used to generate revenue to be used as the starting capital for the commencement of other related lines of business. In fact, Holland used this scheme with an optimistic view that if each of the start-up branches is financially capable of providing the capital required to start more branches. Companies should make realistic and measurable goals that require constant reviews during their implementation which results in the long term growth of the firm.

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