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In the current global economy, securing employment that pays for more than the basic needs is extremely difficult. Employers are requiring employees who have extra skills. In this case, being an immigrant-artisan-waitress is hard to attract employers in an interview. For this reason, it is difficult for the immigrants to land average jobs, because employers assume that they do not have the necessary skills. However, in order to be able to compete in the modern workforce, employees need to have another skill in order to become above than average. According to Friedman, the time for average is over. Currently, the modern workforce is flooded with employees who have an extra skill and are ready to work for cheap pay. Therefore, employees need to have that extra skill unique from the rest of the employees.

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On another issue, when professionals are creating a desirable online persona, they should take into consideration some strategies. First, they should consider the general preferences from all organizations across the globe. In this case, they will tend to attract their employer since there are no conflicts. Secondly, they should consider their uniqueness. A unique persona will tend to be desirable for many employers. Finally, a more than average persona will always be desirable. On the other hand, a perfect persona with many skills will be too desirable. In this case, employers do not like people who know everything. Secondly, a persona should not be safe. In such a situation, a persona should not be too average. In addition, it should not be too common. This is because employers do not want to take a risk since they have seen it all. Therefore, it is not desirable to provide a safe for too perfect persona. Instead, above average and  unique online persona would be desirable.

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