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Free Example of E-Commerce Analysis and Strategy Essay

The company of interest manufactures toys for kids. Daily operations in the company entail product development, public relations, advertising, getting sales contacts, and establishing distribution channels. Several employees handle the customer service section; they take care of all the order activities. The employees are available to work for extra hours when the volume of orders is high. Another group of employees handles shipping, inventory and takes care of inquiries received. Several part-time employees are trained to fill orders from customers; these workers are available on demand.

The person in charge of procurements ensures that the above steps are followed properly.

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There exist aspects of the customers’ purchasing process that can be converted to e-commerce. Web advertising makes search options easier to potential customers. Some of the innovations can implement the use of blogs – in addition to the company’s website – to advertise products. Web advertising also helps the customer to do a more thorough evaluation of the available products. Another innovation in relation to e-commerce can be purchasing toys online. Introducing such a method will help to widen the market, thus increasing sales, compared to the current state of affairs. The operation costs will be lower as a result of the reduced number of employees deployed in the customer service section. In addition, the new form of advertising will enable the company to plan its sales efficiently and effectively. Placing orders online will ensure customers can reduce travel time to the company stores. Potential customers will also obtain the products they desire within a shorter period of time.

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Moreover, there exist aspects of the business purchasing process that can be converted to e-commerce as well. The whole procurement process can utilize automated tools such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to assist with buying activities. E-commerce software can be utilized to track orders and items purchased. Such implementations will ease the work of the procurement officer, hence saving travel time and expenditure involved. In addition, such innovations will ensure that products are delivered on time. E-commerce, in relation to procurement, also helps keep a record of suppliers, thus enabling quick selection and evaluation. Negotiations and contract formulation can also be conducted online, hence speeding up the procurement process.

The company business culture does allow for the conversion to e-commerce. This is because of the workload experienced by the employees and the need to improve sales volume. The use of the Internet for sales and procurement will immensely improve the profitability of the company.

The company’s website will provide enough information to enable its customers purchase products successfully and comfortably. The website will contain a home page, products pages, frequently asked questions page, customer service contact information, information concerning the stores’ location, and other links to enable easier and faster shopping. The product catalogue’s design will enable customers to order and obtain the product of choice with ease. Ordering and payment systems will enable customers to make quick purchases.

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