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Custom Economic Growth Essay

Economic growth plays a critical role in a country`s economy in terms of development. Kenya registered a slow economic growth rate of 4.5 % in 2012 compared to 2007`s 7.1. Kenya, having the vision 2030,  seeks to stabilize economic growth and development. In line with the vision, the country aims at creating middle income job opportunities for its citizens, improve the country`s infrastructure, necessitate tax revenue collection in order to enhance dependency and above all, boost and improve the agricultural sector which is the back-borne of the country. This will enhance the people`s standards of living in Kenya, which is the major goal of economic growth. However, while pursuing development, the country appreciates the need for embracing environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability demands  measures of maintaining an enabling environment for a better and sustainable economic growth to be  realized in any country. Kenya, a country depending mostly on agriculture must ensure environmental protection in order to allow favorable weather conditions that are critical for the agricultural sector. To this effect, there is need for Kenya to embrace planting of trees. Hence, facilitating good weather that supports agriculture is crucial towards achieving economic growth. The Kenya government needs to come up with mechanisms to maintain clean working conditions for their employees to allow them to be more productive in order to boost growth in a self-sustaining environment.

Economic growth will lead to the exhaustion of non-renewable resources thereby contribute to degradation that will affect economic production. Preventable strategies will work for Kenya in addressing the global climate change. Over the recent years, Kenya has witnessed pollution and an extensive loss of forest cover. O`Riordan (2000) observed that sensitization is an important strategy used to address global warming. Sensitizing Kenyans over the negative effects associated with global warming has been a measure the Kenyan authorities have taken to redress the problem.

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