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The current sentencing approach favors incapacitation, deterrence, and punishment as the main goals for sentencing offenders. Here, proponents of this approach suggest that if the sentences are lengthened, chances are high that offenders will change their ways by realizing that there is no good in criminality. Furthermore, it is suggested that the long sentences serve to deter potential offenders from committing any crimes in the society (Seiter, 2010, p. 533). Therefore, the main advantage of this sentencing approach is that it has led to a decrease in the number of crimes by keeping potential criminals out of the streets. However, this approach is disadvantageous in that it has led to an increase in the number of people incarcerated and those undergoing correctional supervision. Moreover, the current sentencing approach utilizes large sums of taxpayers’ money with limited returns (Seiter, 2010, p. 533).

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In fact, the current sentencing approach has resulted into a significant increase in the number of offenders in correctional facilities on one hand, and an equal increment in budgets allocated for federal, state, and local correctional facilities. Precisely, since 1994-2007, the budget for correctional facilities has increased by 100 percent totaling approximately $68.8 billion (Seiter, 2010, p. 534). Moreover, as the number of prisoners and people under correctional supervision increases, more prisons will be built, and an additional $ 25 billion will be required by 2011 to suffice such correctional agencies (Seiter, 2010, p. 534). As a result, there is the need for accountability in decisions regarding the sentencing policies. Here, it is recommended that government officials should be accountable for the resources provided by ensuring that effective programs are put in place to realize specified goals. This has led to more government officials devising ways of reducing correctional costs by seeking other approaches to sentencing such as rehabilitation. Ultimately, the current sentencing approach has failed in many ways despite achieving minimal rates of reduced crimes, and therefore, there is the need to pursue rehabilitative programs as alternative correctional goals (Seiter, 2010, p. 536).

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