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Gold rush in California:  the government had to expand towards the west to gain by owning the gold mines discovered in California.  

Growth of American nationalism: The American people had a rare fervor enshrined in a strong nationalism instinct which targeted converting the vast American land in the possession of the settlers back to their hands. This could allow them make use of their property as they wished.

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Suppression: the colonial powers imposed inhumane control over the natives who decided to gang up support against the Europeans from as far as they could reach on the continent even if this found more hardship than expected (Paine, 1976).     

Exploring the west: the federal government funded the fur trade to the west to anable completion with the British; eventually making concessions with the western tribes on expansion of the territory.

Exploration of new resources and construction of infrastructure led to the opening up of interior west that had many opportunities. Western coastline was acquired through the period securing possible trade routes with the rest of the world.

The birth of the vast United States of American as a sovereign country was realized through the expansionist approach embraced by the Americans (Richard, 1948).

Significance state capacities at the national levels were build up. This followed from the acquisition control and incorporation of newly seized territories and from the need to finance them.

The bargaining of the American agenda was boosted through incessant commitment and energy in the spirit of nationalism, for instance the territorial changes as advocated by the natives.

Emergence of the U.S.A as a major world power changed the global politics for the better. The maturity of democracy as a form of governance influenced exclusion of active dictatorship threatening the global politics at least for the next decades.

The founding of the deep American pride from the victory over Mexico and other neighbors like Canada changed the American approach to national issues to this day; commitment to national agenda by the Americans is a unique one.

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The diverse cultural contacts made by the nationalists were particularly instrumental in firing up the expansionist spirit which usually got reciprocated by the Europeans wrangles among themselves. This tension between like-minded groups hindered arrival at a solution.

Expansionism brought rows that caused European rulers to mediate, usually resulting in bad blood between neighbors. The American demands and negotiations to have their territory back always led to wars, for instance Battle of Yorktown.

Having borders that were not legally established and lack of knowledge as to the exact location of the boundaries, led to conflicting boundaries contributed to disagreements between the adjoining states and the federal government as well. Faulty maps also contributed to the standoff.

Adoption of rumors and propaganda among the European powers as a tactic to gain ground over the other resulted in more suspicion. Many wars between the British, French and Spanish powers could have agitated the tension culminating in poor international relations and formation of alliances. It cannot be ruled out that world wars were fueled by such loop holes in relations  (Zandt, 1976).

Loss of lives and destruction of property delayed any move towards realization of economic stability for quite some time.

Conflicting interests arose between the original colonies and the newly formed country, where the original colonies claimed the extensive unoccupied and unclaimed territorial land. That is, the extensive land lying between thirteen original colonies and the Mississippi River. This happened in the late 1770s during the continuance of the Revolutionary war.

Expansion sectionalism and slavery led to the US falling apart. There could be no compromise reached between the north and south to offer an adequate solution to the challenges of the day. In the period between 1800 and 1859.

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