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The Exxon Mobil Corporation has often performed well financially, as corroborated by its long-term performance in the oil industry. Based on the statistics given, the gross profit margin of Exxon Mobil Corp has declined during the second quarter of 2012 when gauged against the second quarter of the year 2011. Although the sales fell, the net earnings have increased, representing overall growth of the company. However, the financial reports indicate that the company has weak liquidity. According to the current records, the quick ratio stands at 0.74. This shows that the company lacks the capability to respond to short-term cash needs. The past records reveal that the company's liquidity has increased.

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A critical review of the financial records shows that the net worth (i.e. stockholder's equity) has remained relatively unchanged since the increase is only 4.6 percent. Overall, liquidity levels indicate that Exxon is currently subject to the emergence of financial difficulties. The P/E and S&P ratios are 14.39 and 16.18 respectively. As follows from the records, the price-to-sales ratio falls below the S&P ratio. Similarly, it is below the industry average discounting. Exxon Mobil thus proves to be trading with a discount to create investment options within the oil industry. When trading below the industry P/E ratio, the implication is that its stocks are less expensive or have lower growth projections. Specifically, Exxon is offering a significant discount compared to other industry players.

In regards to discounts, the P/CF ratio, which is a stock's price divided by company’s cash flow from operations, proves to be very useful in comparing different financial structures or capital requirements. The financial statements reveal that the company is on a successful path taking into account its stock pricing.

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