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Free Example of Industry Warning Essay

Did you know that there are many illegitimate sites in Pakistan posing to operate from other countries?

Be careful where you order and purchase your term papers!

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Paper is one of the most reputable and genuine internet term paper writing companies. Our papers are custom written and edited while many other companies subcontract their work to other companies because they cannot handle the work themselves. The following information classifies term paper writing companies into three categories. These online writing companies are classified into 3 categories: Beware of online companies that are out to exploit you!

Category 1:  Companies that had a free database of term papers, essays and desertions. However, these companies have now decided to charge an access fee to members who want to access these databases. Through the internet, these writing companies take orders, which they subcontract, to other companies who may even hire cheap substandard foreign writes in order to make profit. These companies do not offer quality term papers instead; they are simply after your money. Once you have paid for your orders they give the responsibility to other people. When you experience problems with your paper, these companies end up referring you to other sub contracted writing companies. All that you wanted was to get your term paper completed in time but instead one ends up playing phone tag with companies that you were not aware of before ordering your term paper because you had ordered from a membership site.

At, we do not subcontract papers to other companies; we take care of every single paper ourselves. These other subcontracting companies split profits among themselves and will soon be out of business. When you order a term paper from us we guarantee timely delivery. You will not be disappointed!

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Category 2: Foreign writing companies especially out of Pakistan. These opportunistic companies take advantage of students who think that every company is running a straightforward business. What does this imply? You would anticipate that whoever handles or writes your term paper is a fluent English speaker but you will be surprised to find that your paper is substandard. These companies do not have a legitimate phone number instead; they provide an American fax number on their site to fool you that they are American. We are aware of several technology companies that have relocated their call centers to Pakistan but they are now moving them back after realizing that language barrier is causing problems. This mostly puts students in difficult situations due to language barriers. Despite claiming that their writers have a masters or a higher degree the sample papers on their sites are substandard. In fact, one wonders if these writers had English lessons at all.

Category 3: Non-subcontracting writing companies. There may be hundreds of online companies but only a few writing companies genuinely write quality term papers. Such companies do not outsource or subcontract their work. You can rest assured that your term paper will be done to the best standard and nobody will trick or con you. Legitimate companies have a working number on their site. Some legitimate companies will allow you to chat online with their customer care personnel and not just provide an USA based fax number. Whether you order from us or not, it is important that you choose a legitimate company with a clear and known location. Provision of a legitimate toll free number on their site is a good indicator. Through this number, you can contact the company in case of any difficulties. Always stay on the safe side than regret. We handle our clients professionally.

Only a few companies can declare the same - who will you trust?

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