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Globalization refers to the process of political, economic and cultural integration, the main characteristics are the spread of capitalism around the world, the international labor division migration on a global scale of monetary, human and industrial resources, as well as the standardization of economic and technological processes and convergence of cultures of different countries. Under the influence of globalization it was created the new type of corporate organization - a global company that takes advantage of the activities on a global scale.

This type of organization is well known as multicultural organizations as their activities extend to foreign countries. Such firms are getting advantages from performing their business in different countries: expenditures minimization, performance expanding, workforce advantages takes. The last category is one of the most crucial in business, because of quick adoptability and flexibility, highly united workforce that has high level of tolerance. Such workplaces are differed by high level of creativity that provides numerous benefits for the company’s performance.

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Lenovo Group is an innovative, international technology company and a group of Lenovo IBM Personal Computing Division. As a leader in the global market of personal computers, where Lenovo develops, produces and markets the most reliable, secure and easy-to-use technology products and professional services that are aimed to help global customers and partners succeed. Lenovo company mainly produces desktops, servers, laptops, printers, handheld computers, motherboards, mobile phones and other products. In 1996, Lenovo PC sales among the first in the Chinese domestic market in recent years, rapid development, jumped on the throne of the world's PC sales. In January 2011, Lenovo and NEC want to change the industry laptop pattern. It is because the two generations of people have been depending on the culture Lenovo and had developed its core competitiveness, to provide enterprises with the spiritual pillar, and achieve strong company association.

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Corporate culture of Lenovo is gradually emerging company in the production and management practices, and agrees to comply with the general command value, business philosophy and the spirit of enterprise, and is based on the total period of the Code of Conduct. Including the company's core values of honesty and ethics, honesty and reliability, business philosophy, the philosophy of management, entrepreneurship and social image, are the soul of the enterprise. Building a corporate core values increases cohesion. Core values is the foundation and starting point for the construction of corporate culture, embodied the idea of directors, executives, managers and all employees, so we work hard in one direction, reflecting the corporate behavior and values. Lenovo is “customer service, accurate and realistic, honest exchange, entrepreneurship and innovation as core values”. Series of amendments had greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, which is an innovative operating concept for domestic enterprises. Fair exchange is to pay attention to reliability, honest, respect for others, the emphasis on equality, vision, collaboration, share resources and common development, democratic management style. Integrity is a transparent system of rules, processes, best soil to nourish the liberal and vigorous cultural Lenovo.

One of the top managers of the company said that only one thing make people work in the team for the company is their ability to play war for the company’s successful performance and enjoy of doing this.

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