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Project planning falls under the docket of project management and applies the use of schedules for instance Gantt charts to carry out its subsequent plans. Some of the initial steps which are done include the definition of the scope of the project to be carried out. Itís important to decide on the methods that will be used in carrying out the planned project before going any further. Deciding on the specific time frame that particular tasks should be accomplished is part of planning since it helps in finishing the entire project within the set time frame. A significant and vital component in the work breakdown structure is the duration for accomplishment of specific tasks. The dependency between different tasks is well defined by the use of activity network diagrams which plays an important role in indentifying the critical path that must be followed.

Management Skills. The management software plays an important role in calculation of slack time that might be in the planned schedule. The above proceedings are important because they make allocation of resources to be easy as well as calculation of the total costs of specified tasks to be carried out appropriately. Optimization of the project plan occurs when there is a perfect balance between project duration and utilization of resources that comply with goals that were set forth. When the above procedures have been implemented at set time the plan can be referred to as a baseline. All the assessment that follows will be measured against that specific baseline. Some of the important inputs that are needed in project planning include project or concept proposal as well as a project charter. The expected output in project planning includes the necessary requirements, the designed schedule and management plan of the specified project.

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This term paper basically seeks to find the usefulness of project management skills and knowledge of project management methods in increasing the efficiency of planners. For proper analysis of how proper management knowledge creates planner efficiency itís reasonable to fully understand project management as well as the various methods that are employed in this field. Project management can simply be defined as a planning discipline among other management disciplines. One of the main objectives of project management is to aid in successful completion of the goals of the project that has been set forth. Therefore a successful project management is the one that accomplishes the goals of a specific project. Itís not only about honoring the set goals but also keeping in tune with the project restraints. For a planner to be efficient he first has to determine the specific approaches that might be used in handling project activities (Gido, 2009).

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Different Approaches that are used in Project Management. Some of the important approaches that may be applied include phased, interactive, incremental as well as agile approaches. Irrespective of the management methods in use, it is of great significance that the set time frames and the objective of the project be accorded the required priority. Itís also important to consider the responsibilities of other participants like stakeholders. Traditionally there were a number of procedures to be followed when developing a project. Some of the procedures included initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and finally completion of the project. In most cases the whole procedures were not followed strictly because at times the project could be completed before reaching the final step. There are many variations in this approaches basing on the specific project that a company is handling. For instance waterfall models employ what is called software development.

Strategic planning. Strategic planning is a management tool that is used by many companies to ensure work efficiency. One of the main objectives of strategic planning is to help a company function efficiently at running its projects. The probability of a better job being accomplished are quite high if a company puts its focus on the available energy by ensuring that all its employers are working towards achieving the companyís objectives. Other factors that come in hand are adjustment of the company to the ever changing business environment. Itís not easy for an individual to cope with environmental change thus making it even more difficult for a company with many workers. Efficiency is ensured in a company through strategic planning. Basically strategic planning gives the required guide and shapes the organization in all its activities to clearly bring out its mission and activities in respect to the future. This is made possible through implementation of actions and decisions that are considered to be fundamental to the company (Schwalbe, 2009).

Planning handles many things but one of the most important actions is to position a company for the uncertainties in the future. Change is among the issues which require carefully handling to ensure smooth running of a company into the far future. Some of the challenging issues that are faced by organizations include stunted growth which relates to reduced profit as well as hostile environments. Such challenges can be well handled through proper planning as well as management; aspects that are important in ensuring efficiency. Time management is an important management skill that must be well planned in order for efficiency to be realized. Proper management of time occurs when workers purpose to change for the betterment of the organization. Successful time management can only be obtained through planning followed by protecting the time that has been planned. Other important aspects that need to be considered are environment reconditioning as well as the expectations of other companyís workers. Itís amazing that most people tend to be more efficient the last day before going for annual leave though this practice can be done in all the other working days.

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