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The United States champions in favor of the consolidation of a multicultural, thriving, and equal social establishment. Unfortunately, throughout the course of history, this ideal has not taken form. Social inequality (including, though not limited to, racial discrimination), unemployment, and poverty have all contributed to establishing a society in which the white majorities are better off than other ethnic minorities including Latinos. Latinos are grossly undermined by poverty, especially their ethnic identity, which is also severely distorted. Latinos are unfortunate victims of an exclusionary, discriminatory, prejudiced, and unequal society in which ethnic minorities are marginalized not only socially but also economically and politically.

In accordance with an article published by Fox News Latino four months ago, Latinos are improving in terms of political representation, but, at the same time, are worse off both socially and economically. First, the fact that political representation is allegedly improving must be heeded with unease, especially because it is inconsistent with worse socioeconomic conditions. This article entitled “Latino Poverty Rate Climbs to 28%” shows that Latinos are declining in the economic ladder; poverty rates increased to 28% after the Census Bureau modified its algorithm in order to include medical costs and government programs. According to the latest poverty calculations, there are more than 49 million people in America living under the poverty line. This is worrying, especially for Latinos, since 28 out of every 100 are living under this line. Also, it becomes clear that political representation has not improved, since Latino participation in safety net programs, including housing and food stamps, evidences a significantly lower participation from Latinos (and other ethnic minorities in general) relative to American whites, English speakers, and non-immigrants. Clearly, Latinos are being undermined, not only socially and economically (as evidenced by the increased poverty percentage), but politically as well. There is no real commitment (yet) from government to help Latinos integrate more fully into the American society.

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Secondly, upon considering that more low-wage jobs have appeared in the United States in recent years, and that this helps explain why there are relatively more poor people (even though unemployment has experienced a mild reduction), it becomes clear that those ethnic groups that have sustained increases in poverty have been directed to taking these low-wage jobs. Here again, it can be seen that Latinos are being undermined since high-wage jobs are reserved to non-immigrants (native English speakers and white Americans), while immigrants (including Latinos) are forced into poverty via not prestigious jobs. It is also interesting to find that rural states are among the poorest in the country. In these states, Latino communities are numerous since most Latino immigrants live off jobs that heavily depend on physical labor. These people seldom have high levels of education, and this evidently hinders their growth and development opportunities. However, things become even worse when they find themselves unable to at least secure jobs that allow them to escape poverty.

Despite its efforts, America continues to be a country in which racial discrimination, poverty, unemployment, and socioeconomic inequality continue to be major problems. Worst of all, is the fact that the ethnic minorities living within the country’s borders are the ones forced to carry the worse effects of occurrences. In the particular case of the Latino community, it becomes clear that social discrimination has led to political and economic discrimination. Today, Latino households are forced to accept relatively lower wages being forced into accepting unequal social and political conditions. Today, Latinos participate less in safety-net programs as compared to white Americans, non-immigrants, and native English speakers. Ultimately, it should become clear that the end effect of racial discrimination and political (under) representation has been the following: Latinos are being undermined by poverty.

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