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The state of the economy has made it very hard to run businesses effectively. This is even made more difficult because of defaulting in payment by some customers. Default in payment has been a major source of problem to most businesses as they deny businesses of their profits and therefore makes it very hard for them to run their business activities. This happens in all the fields including the medical field. This paper examines how past payment which is long overdue can be collected and put back to business. Though there are many methods which can be used to carry this out the essay advocates for the use of the telephoning as a way of collecting the debts.

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When using telephone as a way collecting past due payment, first gets the chance of planning on how contacting the customer will take place. It is reported that it will be effective if the customers are contacted on a weekly basis. It is reported that as the end of a month nears the frequency of the calls should be increased. Though there are arguments that the use of a telephone is a big expense, it has been rated as one of the best reminders to the patients who have not yet paid for their expenses at the hospitals. It is argued that one does not to be friendly towards the patients but just be polite enough and pass the message across (Lee, 2010).

Through the telephone call it possible to explain to the client the need for the payment of the money that he/she owes the medical care facility. One just need to cordial and avoid being threatening on the phone. It has been argue that using telephone call is quite effective the key being bold when calling the customers and explaining the situation in an understanding way. The use of telephone also gives the chance for the customers to be handled carefully bearing in mind the fact they potential future customers (Allbusiness, 2010).

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