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WPP plc (Wire and Plastics Products) as it is commonly known is a multinational and public relations company established to put your brand first to potential consumers. The company is currently looking for a dynamic, versatile team player and results oriented individual to fill the vacant position of a marketing executive. Our company deals in advertisements as well as public relation operations.  This position therefore requires a person with good interpersonal and excellent communication skills and ability to meet strict deadlines as well as ability to learn fast and accurately. This vacancy is open to all individuals with the above named skills who will help us continue moving up the success ladder. Applicants with good experience in marketing should apply. The position is open to all and should be obtained on merit. Good understanding of the job requirements and good dedication to work are two important aspects we are looking for. We offer the best in terms of remuneration and better working conditions. The applicants should also be of positive attitude highly motivated and have the best of interest in the marketing field. Other very important traits that should be shown by the applicants are versatility and ability to get on well with the people as the position requires much dealings with other people. Our company is one of the best in the market and hope that with your inclusion as one of the staff great success is to be achieved. Looking forward to working with you.


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Business provides one of the best platforms through which differences can clearly be shown more so in terms of cultures (Burke, 2008, p. 122). With differences being the most determining factor towards the choice of a particular item or the other, most business organizations and companies have used this avenue greatly to acquire new customers as well as in retaining the already existing ones. Greece and England for example portray very diverse cultures more so in relation to business structures and other relations. Communication is the fundamental of any business as resources are the most involved in such circumstances. There are therefore various similarities and differences pertaining to job advertisements between Greece and England. First, in looking at the differences, job advertisements in Greece are usually written in Greek whereas those in England are written in English. This is so because these are the most dominant languages in the respective countries and therefore the as cultures require, the advertisements are also made in those languages.

In Greece there is the use of high-context communication practice in advertising in which advertisements can only be understood from looking at the much given background information about the particular subject, whereas England portrays a low-context communication strategy as is the case with most European countries, in advertisings in which all the required information is clearly understood in the message. Greece portrays a culture of socialism in advertisements in which no much instruction are exhibited as compared to England in which instructions in advertisements is the order of the day in order to bring about a clear understanding (Rogers, 1999, p. 68). The common aspect between the England advertisement and my home country Greece’s advertisement is that in both there is clear overview of what one is intended to do as well as what is expected of the particular individual.

WPP Background Information

WPP is a well-established company that deals with advertisements as well as public relations operations. This is one of the most renowned companies in England and the world’s largest advertising company in terms of revenues (Group History, 2010, p. 12). The company also employs a total number of 162,000 employees within its 3,000 branches worldwide in a total of 110 countries. The company’s main aim in terms of recruitment of employees is to enable them expand their skills as well as meet their desired capabilities enabling to capture more on the market. With diversity as one of their developmental mechanisms, WPP plc, embraces diversity by having recruitments from people all over the world bringing with them different cultures into the company in order to expand its market base as this would enable it cater for the needs of various people of various cultures and backgrounds. Building on the culture of employee share ownership, the company has been able to acquire some of the best talents available as well as put in mechanisms that would ensure that they are retained in the company for sustained development.

WPP and Cultural Diversity

Diversity also ensures that the company is able to understand costumers from all walks of life. This the company has achieved by the enactment of a policy that would ensure that all employees would be recruited and promoted based on merit rather on race, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, color, sex, age or even disability. The company is therefore an all-inclusive company that works the betterment of all rather than being selective and discriminative on issues and ideas. It is through this that my chances of securing an opportunity in the company are increased. An all inclusion as in this case can be seen as a similarity to the situation seen in Greece my home country. This can greatly be attributed to as a result of globalization in which differences in cultures and traditions have been unified through the adoption of new communication technologies which highly integrate different cultures and believe to a common norm. Another similarity in the company to those in home countries is there establishment in the urban centres other than further distances from the major towns and cities. This can be attributed to the fact that these companies require varied resources which are obtainable only in the urban centres. Such resources include power, ready market as well as man power in terms of employees among others whose majorities are found in the urban centres.

Cultural Similarities between Greece and England

It is also clear that in both cases cultural competence is observed in which people of different cultures and backgrounds are able to co-exist for the core objective of enabling the organization or business grow to meet all the aims and objectives. This is very important especially in cases where certain activities in the company require the services of just but a particular group of persons of those from a particular background or ethnic lineage. A good example for such an event is one in which translation from one language to another is a necessity. Another possible instance is whereby a company intends to expand its market by establishing base in a particular region in which the people are able to only understand or operate through the use of only one language. This is an important aspect in which the needs of particular costumers can be met easily through the establishment of proper communication bringing a clear understanding between the costumers and the company which if well-established can increase the profits of the company to a great extent and hence the overall revenue.

Other similarities for the two countries in terms of cultural behaviors especially in the work places involve descent looks and looking presentable while at the work place. Good presentation at the work place is believed to be one of the best practices that an employee can use in an organization. Being presentable at the work place is one way to attract both the attention of the employer and the costumers. Being more presentable in addressing costumers make them want to be more attached to the company. This is one way through which an organization can attract more costumers who would in turn increase the profits of the organization to a great extent. Customers always like to be associated with organizations in which the employees are more presentable in terms of dressing than those in which the employees are untidy. The first impression especially at the work place is very much valued both in Greece and in England cultures.

Cultural Differences between Greece and England

There are however certain differences in relation to cultures of the two different countries which is seen in the companies. This is greatly seen in terms of behaviors of the people from these different countries and how they relate to their coworkers in the working environments. In Greece behaviors such as kissing and hugging as well as staying to one another are very familiar occurrences among people working to a particular company. Touching of one another as a means of communication is also an accepted practice among the people who believe that this is one way in which proper understanding is able to be established. In England however, communication is majorly verbal and involves very little or even no touching among different individuals. According to the peoples’ culture in England communication etiquette is of very important significance. People of this culture believe that very proper communications to be achieved language need to play the main role as opposed to the instance in Greece in which actions remains the most important communication aspect such as handshakes and patting of shoulders. 

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In Greek, it is very unethical to forget about a particular deadline in which you were expected to have undertaken a certain task as this would clearly put in doubt your sense of being responsible. It is seen as a taboo for any particular person or individual to leave any of assigned duties unfinished as this is a clear indication that you are lazy and very irresponsible. Such characters are not tolerated in the companies or business entities for whatever the reason presented whether of benefit to the organization or not, and particularly where substantive loss can be a resultant factor. It is therefore necessary for any to clearly establish a clear proof of punctuality and proper time management in Greece in order for one to secure employment opportunities. In England on the other there are strict regulations as with regard to meeting of deadlines though the implementations are always done on flexible basis. It is a common occurrence and thus a culture for a particular individual to fail to meet a particular deadline and still be accepted depending on the reasons presented regarding such a failing mission.

Interview: The Do’s and Don’ts in Relation to Culture

WPP plc is a company as well as associates; operate with their core values being honesty, integrity and respect for all the people. These values really determine the kind of people that the organization is ready to work with. In England culture plays a very important role especially in terms of dressing.  The position for which a person is applying for also plays a critical role though having an official dress is much appreciated. Being a marketing job, being presentable is one fundamental aspect. This is because of the frequent interaction that one would be making with costumers from time to time. It is therefore very important that one dresses official for the interview. This would increase the chances of landing the job as attracting employer attention through the first impression is very important.

Other than the dressing code, there are other dos and don’ts that are basic to passing an interview at WPP plc. Academic achievement which should be good coupled with good marketing communications as well as wealth of experience. These are the main elimination criteria for the company. There are however certain things that one need not to do in order to increase your chances of getting recruited at WPP plc. One is never to lie for whatever the reason may be. Speak all truth in all case. Unpreparedness is one thing that one must avoid. Get ready all the things that are required for the interview in time and more importantly be punctual for the interview by arriving at the venue about an hour before the start of the interview. This would greatly help one against anxiety as well as provide humble time to relax and compose one’s self.

It is also very important that one focuses on the particular job at hand and not about any future developments or expectations. This might be the elimination stage for the individuals who might be portraying of signs of personal developments rather than that of the company. These are cases that are not tolerated at WPP plc and so great care needs to be taken in addressing these issues. Never turn any question relating to ones weaknesses as a positive attitude thereby giving the impression that one does not have any weaknesses. This is very important for WPP Company as through this they will be able to assess the particular position that one is likely to be given to ensure that the company’s sustainability is maintained. One common mistake that a majority of job seekers usually do and one that should be highly avoided at all cost no matter the circumstances under which the interviewer may put it is the question regarding why the company may fail to hire a person. It is a sign that one is not sure of him/herself and therefore giving the interviewer the impression that one does not believe in self. In most case however, the interviewer will not give a sincere answer and therefore false impression.

On the other hand there are certain things that one really need to work on as these are the things that WPP plc interviewers really look for in a particular individual to guarantee the chances of getting recruitment. Ones first impression is what determines his/her chances of getting a job. The first thing one shows to the employer becomes a lasting impression for the whole interview session. It is therefore important to be as much presentable as possible. Be well composed and answer questions directly as they are asked by the interviewer. All the mobile phones should be kept off as this may result into destruction of the interview and hence being dropped. Keep a friendly and positive attitude throughout the interview process and remember to thank the interviewer for making time to be with you both at the start and at the end of the interview session. One very important fact during this is that never be late whatsoever the case.

The above recruitment procedures are however very universal and are used all through in many of the interviewing sessions. This is however very important due to fact that most companies, including WPP plc, recruit individuals from all walks of life bringing with them different cultures and traditions with them. It is therefore important that the standards be made universal for different countries and companies to ensure equality in all areas of interest is observed during the recruiting processes.

Globalization and Cultural Diversities

Cultural diversity has for a long period of time been one of the major stumbling blocks towards attaining a universal community (Goldhill, 2002, p. 18). Though in the recent times through globalization, this one thing that has become history. Various people have been able to adjust to various cultures due to the increased interactions that have been in existence between the various cultures. This has led to significant changes in cultural diversities and certain communities have been able to merge their cultures and traditions with others to foster unity among them. In various jobs, companies have shed off the discrimination issues against certain individuals in the organizations be it on race, skin colour, gender or religion. In business more so, it has become a necessity to expand branches all over the world in order to acquire a wider market for various products and services. This is majorly attributed to by the high competition that has been seen in the recent times, making the scramble for expanded markets being a necessity.

This had led into people moving in to different regions in trying to acquire as many costumers as possible. This has resulted into an inclusion of all for organizations to be able to meet their targets. Use of universal communication methods is one of the results that have been obtained. In many organizations today the use of vernacular language is prohibited in most cases in a way to cub communication barrier (Tannen, 1994, p. 26). Use of universally accepted communication means has been encouraged and many businesses are undertaking the course of establishing their organizations towards those directions. These have greatly established very serene environments in which communication can effectively be used as a means of relaying information without being aligned to a particular culture or tradition. Unity has become one very important factor bringing about the realization of how much we need each other. This has led to integration of cultures so that communication is enhanced and for businesses, to enable effective costumer-employee communication.


Business has become one of the most fundamental factors towards attaining a united world. Through various interactions and communications, different cultures have been merged to establish a common uniting ground for all without any discrimination. This has led to creation of various opportunities especially in the job market from where different individuals regardless of gender and race, have been able to secure employment opportunities in various fields and sectors. It is also clear that however much the cultural diversities may exist, communication through interaction, is one important tool that embraces all differences and uniting all to one.         

This has therefore led to various business expansions and with the help of technological advancements, enabled people from different walks of life to have access to various goods and services irrespective of the culture, race and gender, leading to the establishment of an equal ground with equal opportunities for all people.

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