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The epoch in which humanity lives nowadays is constantly changing and there are a number of reasons for that. Due to the development of computer technologies, mobile phones, and the Internet, the spread of information and the pace of living has fastened dramatically. For a person living in developed countries today, it is virtually impossible to escape the idea that the world has become a more globalized place to live in. Boundaries between countries are being blurred; cultures are penetrating each other and creating totally new formations. One can freely move to different places on the planet and enrich one’s experience by communicating with representatives of various cultures and countries. Everything mentioned above is possible as globalization is on the highest level.

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The term “globalization” is worldwide a movement towards economic, financial, trade, and communications integration. Globalization in the meaning we now understand came into usage in the 1970s. The rationale for globalization was intensive development in the sphere of science and technologies that amplified world's tendency towards an increasingly integrated, open, and borderless international economy. Technological advances decreased travel, transportation, and communication costs, at the same time increasing their quality. This resulted in the fact that international cooperation and trade started gathering momentum. As a result, companies gained the possibility to extend their influence from local markets to national, international, or global reach. Whether globalization is perceived as a negative or positive process, its influence on the world structure is evident and could be observed nowadays.

Globalization has many benefits as well as dangers. One of the positive aspects of globalization is the formation of transnational organizations like WTO, NATO, European Union, World Bank, and others. It is the first one, the World Trade Organization regulates the functioning of international trade between its members, to which most states of the world belong. That helps people to exchange products and technologies with countries all over the world, moreover, it allows access to all needed products and technologies.

Regarding the negative points of globalization, one may mention the condoling effects on the health situation on the planet. People are free to travel to different countries, therefore, certain types of infections are at higher risks of being transmitted.

In conclusion, it should be noted that globalization is a complex process that involves several dimensions: economic, political, cultural, and environmental. It is impossible to define whether globalization is a positive or negative factor because its effects are manifold.

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