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This report is to confirm the guilt of the alleged suspect, the member of the firm Chris Murphy who is supposed to have smuggled out the images of the brand new kayak out of the premises of the company and who in his turn by having committed this act contravened the corporate ethics and the polices of the company.  This act has substantially affected the industrial cycle of the firm and the prospective and anticipated will not be collected because of this act of the corporate violation. The industrial secret is very likely to appear at the disposal of the existing competitors of the firm.                                                               

The aim of this report is to outline the methods which have been utilized by the investigator t to substantiate the causation between the alleged violator of the corporate policy and ethics and the theft of the kayak projections.  Another section of the report examines the evidences which substantiate the alleged liability of this person.

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The Methodology of the Study

As far as the methodology of the study is concerned, it must be highlighted that all the images that have been procured in the course of the pending investigation have been processed by the word processors. After a careful examination of the content has been conducted, it was inferred that the images have been taken by the photo camera which is known to belong to the suspected person.  Specific study has been conducted to verify that the mistake did not take place and two separate analysis indicated that the coding of the images synchronically coincide with the encrypting method of the camera of the alleged person. 

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Besides, the temporal timeframes of the photos (i.e. the time when the photos have been taken) have been compared to the working schedule of the alleged suspect. It has been found out that when the photos have been taken, the suspect was at his job station and in accordance with the timetable of the company the alleged person had to exercise his industrial functions that time. The leading authorities in the field of forensic study highly admonish that the timeframes of the alleged unlawful activity to be analyzed in the first turn. In this case, this advice has been followed and the time line indicates that the person in question could have effectively committed this misdeed.

The Coding Method

In accordance with the policies of the firm, special graphic formats are utilized  by the company to ensure that even if the images have been somehow transmitted to the outer environment, no one can get acquainted with the content of those images. However, the present situation precisely indicates that when this action has been conducted, the graphic format of the images have been converted , so that it could be opened on another personal computer, in where the specifically designed software has not been installed.  The most important fact of the examination is that the process of conversion has been exercised on the personal computer of the alleged suspect.

The Transmission of the Files

The circumstances of the case indicate that before the files have been duly processed by the violator of the corporate ethics, they have been downloaded to his PC, proceeded, i.e. the graphic format of the images have been changed, and they have been deleted from the computer and downloaded to the disc drive. This action necessarily proves the fact that the suspect person is indeed liable for the violation.

The conclusion

After a careful examination of the facts,  it has been proven forensically that the suspect person is indeed liable of violation the corporate ethics and the policy of the company.

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