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Most case study advocates point out that case studies produce much more detailed information than what is available through a statistical analysis. Advocates will also hold that while statistical methods might be able to deal with situations where behaviour is homogeneous and routine, case studies are needed to deal with creativity, innovation, and context. Detractors argue that case studies are difficult to generalize because of inherent subjectivity and because they are based on qualitative subjective data, generalizable only to a particular context. The study being mostly from books and reports it carries with it errors which might have originated during the initial report gathering of the books and journals used. The economic status of a country since it is not a definite figure it might contain a error margin due to changes in the economic status of a country due to people venturing into businesses and grants and aids obtained from donor countries that are not reflected in the current figures.


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It is evident from the research that poverty can be alleviated. One great philosopher said, poverty is a disease created by man, to control man. Poverty is an ill that can be cured but the years have shown that there is a lack of will among the world’s leaders. Leaders from developed countries wield an iron hand that refuses to help the poor, while the poor countries’ leaders themselves are more preoccupied with their selfish and greedy agendas. Through empowering the poor in a society there is an injection of capital into a county that rejuvenates an economy


I would recommend that international funding agencies and organisations give priority to micro lending policies that help the poor in the world. Special emphasis should be given to women particularly women groups. These women groups have proven effective, examples are women’s weaving groups in East Africa that help women market their weaved baskets and get loans to start small businesses.

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The amount of resources to be used in the research vary between people and researchers and is subject to change.

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