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When time is well managed there is improvement in people, productivity as well as contentment. Proper time management increases the efficiency of a planner. One of the major causes of time wastage is labor inefficiency which results from of inadequate supervision, poor communication as well as poor planning. Poor adaptation to new IT programs as well as new program management system lowers the morale of workers as mismatch of skills continue to take root. Such practices lead to under utilized resources which would have been used productively to increase work efficiency. Poor time management more often than not results in under utilization of labor force which will culminate in a company running inefficiently. Inefficiency comes about because of the failures of the companyís planner (Der Weide, 2003).

Poor leadership and organization has led to poor performance in many firms. This is the reason why managers need to think in a creative way about proper time planning as well as organization. Individuals need to make decisions to personally work at efficient usage of the available time. Though most of the times workers want to follow in the foot steps of their leaders. †In this case change has to start with the management team that is involved with planning. Proper time management can be implemented by creating a new way of doing things that people are not used to.

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Project Management Methods. Time assessment management tools can help one to avoid time wastage. Some methods that are important in planning include critical chain project management. This method basically puts much emphasis on the important resources that are necessary for execution of the project. These resources are both physically and human. The method simply applies the theory of constraints which aims at increasing completion rate of a given project. Project constraints are fully exploited by giving full priority to critical chain activities. Planning and management is important in this area because it ensures that the needed resources are available at the time when chain activities are about to begin. There is need for subordinating all the available resources to chain activities. Itís essential for the project plan to be leveled basing on the resources in all type s of projects (Martocchio, 2006).

There are chain tasks that are very long therefore itís important for the longest restrained task to be identified as the critical task. Where there are a number of ongoing projects its efficient to carry out resource leveling across all the projects. Though in such scenario planners need to identify the resource that constraints all the projects. On the other hand such resources need to be identified because they are the ones that can stagger the projects and lead to interference with the set project time. Some of the methods that are in use in the twenty first century include agile models which majorly focus on software development which is the extreme part of programming. Extreme programming and development of the necessary software and systems for instance ASAP is the extreme form of project management. This process works better when they are combined with process modeling as well as human interaction which is part of management principles.

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The other methodology that is important in management planning is event chain methodology which is a complement of path method as well as critical chain. This methodology specifically works at scheduling and modeling network analysis. Identification of events as well as its management is made possible by employing event chain methodology. An aspect that greatly affects the project plan is event chains and events which have the ability to shift the activities that have been scheduled. Event chain mitigates impacts that are considered to be associated with psychological heuristics as well as biases which are negative. Easy modeling of unplanned occurrences that might happen when implementing the project is better handled by event chain methodology. Some of the principles underlying event chain methodology include external happenings that might interfere with what had been originally planned. This principle is easily referred to as probabilistic moment of risk (Weiss, 1992).

Some of the important factors which were put into consideration while coming up with event chain methodology include activities which give forth other events. Because of such happenings other events are created. The planned course of a given project is more likely to be affected by event chains or other emerging activities. Most of the time quantitative analysis is essential in measuring the effects that have been brought forth by event chains. Itís important to identify critical events which are more likely to affect the planned course of the project in progress. Once such an event have been identified it becomes easy to look for ways that can minimize its impacts. Itís important to come up with ways that can track the given events. This is of great value because it can be of some usefulness in the near future. Information at hand can be refined to help in the events that might come up later (Wustenhagen, 2008).


Whenever a company comes up with a new program its important for its members to receive the necessary training in order for them to familiarize themselves with the new operation system. This is important because a lot of time that would have been wasted might be reduced to a great extend. For instance when a company decides to shift from using excel to ASAP its useful that its staff receives training on how to use the new system. Change is not easy to be implemented therefore there is need for necessary efforts to be put in place by the administration in order for its plans to be successful. As long as the employees remain in dark when it comes to operation of the new software the set objectives will not be accomplished. Planners need to look into this issue before its implementation and come up with some bright and creative strategies which will make the new implementations to materialize without much struggles as well as time wastage.


Management skills and plan management methods are important in effective planning. Therefore itís important for management planners to have proper project management knowledge. Efficiency at work comes when several efforts are put in place for instance it is important for project restraints to be strictly followed by planners. For example the activities of the given project should be accomplished within the set time. Proper time management as well as usage of the available resources is necessary for work efficiency. There a number of project management methods which are necessary for implementation of a good project plans. For an organization to run effectively planning, organization, controlling and coordination is needed. Proper communication makes working easy and comfortable therefore efficient communication system is necessary.

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