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The Youth leaders:

  • Should take part in helping the youths in identifying their needs and those of the community and the way in which the organization could come in.
  • They should provide the youths with the necessary training and the required resources and motivate the youths to meet the needs.
  • They should encourage the youths to assume leadership positions in the youth organization.
  • They should act as a link that enables the youths to work hand in hand with other members in different levels of the organization.
  • They should Endeavour to create an atmosphere where the youths can be complete partners of the organization.
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Youth representatives:

  • Youth representatives should take the initiative and the responsibility to develop or to participate in the development of programmes and policies for the youth members.
  • Should be partners in the management of ministry of youth affairs and in local government by taking part in the programmes development and in policy developments. 

The local government and the ministry of youth affairs

To enable the youth band their leaders in achievement of this, the local government and the ministry of youth affairs should do the following: (Eleanor, 1940).

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  • Give support to the youth in a way of appropriate structures and resources, such as a youth department that is well resourced, a youth officer or a youth service officer based at the organizations’ headquarters.
  • Work with the young members in development of a youth policy that will provide its basis for its work with the youth organization.
  • Together with youthful members, it should analyze the potential of the youths and their needs in the community in general and use the information to involve youths in the all society’s programmes, and design dissemination, educational, and training programmers for the youths that advance integration into the society.
  • Ensure that youths are involved in every process of decision-making in the society by involving them in some structures such as branch youth committees, youth group executive committees, national youth committees, or by involving youths in existing branch and national working groups and executive committees.
  • Should put into operation some management training programmes for both the youth members of the organization and their leaders so that they can have adequate skills to implement this policy.
  • Should encourage all other members in all levels to involve the youth organization in their work so that the youth members can be able to share their skills and their knowledge.
  • Should establish contact with sister organizations to learn from one another and to share resources and to have a structure in place where youthful people can meet their fellow youths from other nations and get to experience proper international friendship in the spirit of the youth organizations.
  • Should when possible make special efforts to give confidence to the female youths to take part in leadership positions and other active roles in the youth organization.
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