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After September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks American officials, media and public reacted in irrational way. Due to this terrorists were successful in creating the fears in hearts of American people. Another argument is that these 9/11 circumstances have wasted the time and treasure of the America. These arguments require the solid reasons to validate them.

On that occasion if Americans had reacted rationally, then less disruption had produced in the lives of citizens. It is true that number of lives and damage produced due to these attacks is less than that of Gujrat earthquake causalities in India.

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The automobile crashes resulted more killing of Americans as compared to that of 9/11 deaths. However the nature of attacks presented before the Americans, imprinted the horrific images in the minds of the American people. Premises of the argument did not fully support the conclusion. It is not fair to say that American people response to the attacks was ill-mannered. Nature of the attacks was very alarming to the Americans at that time. Therefore they reacted in the way that has created more fears for them. We can say that ultimate reaction of any carnage did not give the expected results as happened after 9/11 attacks in America. Our argument is not totally true but it can be weak.

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It is true that a huge budget is allocated for the prevention of the terrorist attacks such like 9/11 attacks. Due to this huge budget allocation, other fields of progress for America are left unattended. It is because of our much focusing on the terrorist incidents which we think are the targets of terrorists for our lives.

If we have thought about our neighbors and friends, who are a great danger for us, then we could take our attention to make America a best place. It is not fair to say that America must think about its deteriorating economy on priority basis to achieve the success against the terrorism. America must focus on the issues which are root causes of the terrorism. Our argument is a weak argument and premises do not fully support the conclusion. Safe lives are the priority requirements of the Americans. This argument favors for the strong economy not for the fearless ways of living for Americans.

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