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The most significant presentation of any project analysis to define its basic paradigm and department for which the project is working for. The study is about to establish an analysis about the project and individual performance analysis (Hazelgren. B. & Covello .J, 1994). Inevitably the stance of project management is quite indispensable from the standpoint of an organization. In this short analytical report, we will make a plan, a business plan rather of a sole proprietors business. We have used the cost and budgeting analysis and some of the major project management analysis in this report. Let see something about the company and then do the needed.

Short and Snappy Words Regarding the Business. We have decided to open a computer based franchise. Our company is a new computer service franchise Geed Squadand it is in its formative staged. It will take some time to organize the company and take advantage of specific gap in the short haul European market. Our company initially covers three major cities of Europe. These are London, Berlin & Paris. We will target these major cities initially as these are the highly commercial cities in Europe. The traffic of customers is comparatively higher in these cities as compared to others.

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There is a gap in the availability of low cost service in major cities of Europe with the demand of customers in these cities. This indicates that the new entrant of computer based franchise Geed Squad could be expected to capture a major portion of current software programming business. Our management and strategy for business will bring high yields for the business and our strategy is simple and practical.

Our research and estimation indicates that the software programming services from Dublin to major cities of Europe are high (McKeeper. M, 2008). The high demand of low cost efficient service will bring excellent revenue in the first full years of operations, while utilizing six computers big programming servers. Furthermore, in the second year, the revenues are expected to be double with additional systems and expansion of destinations. The company long term sketch is a part of the due assiduousness package. However, it should be noted, that the company first operational year will burn cash till it start on recognizing the revenue. High investments are needed initially to handle expense initially in this phase of business.

The fruits of our business strategy & commitment of team is illustrated below in the form of chart. It highlights the results of our business strategy over the first 3 years.

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