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Essay on Third Gender

Although many people believe that Mexico is a traditional country, when the question comes to such issues as gender and sexuality, there is a large number of gays, lesbians, and transgender people. One of the main stereotypes about Mexico is that men obtain power over women and can make certain decisions concerning their sexuality. However, there are exceptions as in every rule or stereotype. The issue of sexual expression has become much more tolerant in this country as compared to the previous years, including the recognition of same-sex marriages in Mexico City since the year 2009.

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Transgender as Third Gender

Large number of transgender people caused the appearance of a new word “muxe” that is usually used referring to neither male nor female, but of a third gender. Some say that such a tolerant acceptance of transgender people has certain roots in the culture of the country that was widespread before the arrival of the Spanish. At that time, transgender was considered to be a defining feature of wise and talented individuals. Muxes are not isolated in society as it is in some other countries, and they are respected, accepted, very successful in business, and even take an active part in such aspects as religion and politics. As an example, this story mentions a young boy Alejandro Taledo, who decided to live according to her inner feelings and image of a girl.

Rights of Third Gender

In my opinion, the issues of gender and sexuality are absolutely personal choices, and everyone has a right to live according to his personal feelings and beliefs. I am quite tolerant of the existence of such a third category of sexual identity as muxes, though it is still a rather uncommon thing. I believe that U.S. society is less tolerant of transgender people as compared to Mexico, but this notion is also widespread and accepted in the majority of cases.

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