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Students stand to benefit a lot when technology is to be incorporated in their studies. This can boost their thinking skills and improve creativity and help in academic learning. One of the technologies that should be introduced is the use of computers in studying. Students can learn to use programs such as word processing, presentation program such as power point, drawing and painting software to help in activities in areas such as arts, social studies, science and mathematics. These activities which involve the use of computer tools to solve problems in the class rooms are initial steps in technological literacy.

Use of computers has helped many researchers and their work very greatly. What used to take several weeks to study can now be done in few days. Computers have also helped to ease the process of collecting data and analyzing it. Students can be able to create pictorial presentation of the data and charts. Examples include regression analysis pie charts, correlation and bar charts. These technological features stand to benefit business studies students. Using internet, a student can send questionnaires and receive responses from all over the world (

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There are some mathematical tools which if used can help the learner a great deal. Some of the tools include; computers with mathematical programs, calculators, internet, sensing probes and data collection devices. Technology increases the scope of the mathematical content. Use of powerful computation tools, visual representation and construction can provide learners with access to contents and contexts that would have been very complex for them to handle (

The paraphrase differs from the other in terms of setting. The approach used in the first article is different from this article. The language and use of words are quite different. The other difference is structure of the sentence. The APA styling has helped me in giving credit to the authors from where I have sourced the materials. Both articles are similar in the fact that the meaning is the same.† To improve my paraphrasing skills, I have to make sure that I donít deviate from the general meaning of the original article.

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