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Free Example of Afghanistan War Windup Impact on America Essay

Up-coming presidential election in the United States of America has infuriated debate regarding President Barrack Obama’s Change slogan. There are several arguments concerning the US in Afghanistan, America with Pakistan, America in rising crises of Egypt, Libya and, most recently, Syria etc. The most significant issue for America has been its failing war strategy in Afghanistan.  It has still not been able to develop the structure that was claimed to be provided to Afghan people on upon leaving. On the other hand, Afghan government has also failed in developing consensus over the up-coming political setup in the country, thus leaving it on mercy of Taliban insurgents. Together with the growing pressure from Afghan neighboring country of Pakistan, these issues also become an important concern. The pressure by Pakistan appears to be a significant issue as well since the country is to provide cost-effective road-route for America to leave Afghanistan.

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This is an important area of concern for every American citizen, Afghani as well as Pakistan as all three have to bear the outcomes. Another reason for concern is that all three countries have burdened economy with expensive war expenses as well as large number of human lives lost. Therefore, a strategy defining the exit is crucial after incurring such losses.

This exit strategy is important to the citizens and governments of all three countries, either from the election campaign perspective only or in order to define the future fate of country.  America has incremental concerns as leaving Afghanistan un-decisive and unsettled would once again raise insurgents who can bring destructive impacts on the US. An event of 9/11 is an unforgettable example. Furthermore, reaching consensus with Pakistan is a crucial task. Any disagreement can result in hindering the exit; closure of borders for NATO supply for 7 months in 2011 is again an important event.  Hence, exit strategy of the US from Afghanistan is vitally essential due to many reasons and for all three countries. The consequences of the countries’ actions will determine their fate in the future.

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