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Free Example of AIDS Essay

My name is AIDS, which in full means; Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. I result from an infection with a virus called Human immunodeficiency syndrome. I am a virus who infects and kills the T-cells of the immune system. The cells are part of the body’s immune system which fights infections. Because the damaged immune system loses its ability to defend the body against diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and other organisms, when I invade the body’s T-cells, I kill many of the cells and thus leaving the body vulnerable to disease (eHealthMD).

I was first recognized in the early 1980s. Like all other viruses, I must invade the cells of other organisms to survive and reproduce. I multiply in the T-cells and do kill a large number of the cells I do invade. I target the dendritic cells to begin the process of infection. When these cells are exposed, I bind myself onto them and then get carried to the point of infection- the lymph nodes where I start infecting the immune system cells called CD4.Although there’s a misunderstanding on how am spread, there are usually three ways through which am spread; through unprotected sexual intercourse, direct contact with blood and from an infected mother to her unborn child. I cannot be spread through hugging, touching, sharing of items or facilities or through physical contact (eHealthMD).

For the first few years when I infect people, I do no show any symptoms. But during the asymptomatic period the HIV actively multiplies faster while infecting and killing cells in the immune system. During this stage the infections that I do show in people are; fever, headache, loss of appetite, lymph nodes and aching joints. But later as the immune system deteriorates I show the following symptoms; enlarged lymph nodes, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue, genital sores, repeated infections and memory loss (cichoki M. 2010).

I am tested by a blood test where the number of antibodies produced by the body is counted against HIV. Unless for the opportunistic infections that do occur, am still incurable. For the last more than ten years, therapies have been developed and some treatments like the antiretrovirals to suppress me but thanks i still kill without a cure (eHealthMD). The only way people will free themselves from me is run away fast before I can lay my pangs on you because if I do you will never escape me, at least not now.

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