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Free Example of Arbitration Case about Birthday Song Essay

I have heard the case of copyright infringement and these are the facts that I have obtained.  Bobby Bandleader is the owner and operator of the popular Bobby’s Bistro where he and his staff often entertain customers sinning songs.  The song they are most famous for is the birthday song “Happy Birthday to You”; the original copyright holder of this song is Johnny Singstealer.  Mr. Bandleader has been singing this song without permission or a license for over twenty years now. However, it is important to note that he changed the wordings of the song, while retaining the original tune. As a result of this use, Mr. Singstealer wants monetary compensation amounting to one million U S dollars.

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Mr. Bandleader has admitted that he was guilty of infringing copyright on the song as he knowingly sung the song in a public venue without expressed permission of Mr. Singstealer.  Mr. Bandleader has therefore copied the musical idea, which is the melody and lyrics; although it is worth noting that he no longer uses the lyrics of “Happy Birthday to You”.  However, it is also important to indicate that Mr. Bandleader has never actually played the song.—he only sung it with his staff.  In most cases copyright infringement is always subject to civil sanctions that are approximately $30,000 for each infringing act or up to $150,000 for each willful infringement.

After hearing the case I have reached the verdict that Mr. Bandleader has to pay Mr. Singstealer $200,000 dollars for singing the song for commercial reasons.  

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