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Free Example of Body Temperature Regulation Essay

Most often, increased body temperature is regarded as a symptom of the common cold and is being fight with antipyretics. In some cases it helps. However, the reason of body temperature rise is not always a cold or flu - under their mask is hidden a serious disease that requires specific treatment.

The value of body temperature is unstable. It should not be +36, 6 ° C all the time. Normal range of variation can be within 1 ° C. The index can vary depending on many factors:

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  1. Time of day - the minimum values in the morning 3-6 hours, and the maximum - in the evening at 14-16 and 18-22 hours;
  2. Physical activity - peace and sleep reduce body temperature , in order to increase - physical activity, food intake;
  3. Phase of the menstrual cycle;
  4. Place of measurement of body temperature. Minimum values in the armpit, the maximum - in the rectum and the ear canal.

There are the following temperature deviations from the norm:

  1. Hypothermia - low body temperature below +35 ° C under the influence of external factors (prolonged exposure to cold air, cold water in the ice).
  2. Hyperthermia - rising in body temperature above +37 ° C in the armpit under the influence of some physical and chemical factors. The most common cause is the high temperature of the environment, especially when combined with high humidity - hot climate, hot shops.

Fever is a rise of body temperature above +37 ° C in the armpit due to the restructuring of thermoregulation, that is, changes in the balance between the formation of heat and its impact. The cause may serve as the infectious agents and their toxins, various allergens, tumors, etc.

A temperature increase can cause the human body to dehydration. That is why it is important to maintain normal fluid balance in your body through the liquid consumption. Refrain from consuming liquids with high sugar content. Drinking plain water or mineral water are the best options at high temperature. Last drinks will help you to replace the electrolytes in your body.

Also you can use an ice pack. Wrap the cloth around the ice pack and put a cold compress on the back of the neck, forehead or back of the knee. This method can reduce the temperature by a few degrees. Keep the pack for as long as the temperature begins to fall, or until you feel better. You can also take a small hand towel and a small container of water. Pour a little water in the alcoholic beverage and dip a towel in this solution. Wring the towel and wipe them if possible all of your body. In this way you can decrease the heat.

If the above methods of reducing body temperature do not help, you should use special medicines to reduce fever.

Increased body temperature by itself rarely is life threatening to an adult. In the overall picture of the disease, as a rule, there are other symptoms. Even if, at first glance, it seems that in addition to increase in temperature has changed more than anything, only doctor can reveal all the symptoms of the disease, but with the active participation of the patient or his relatives and friends. Everything may be important beginning from lifestyle changes and habits to changing tastes in food, in order to mention no obvious signs of the disease. Of great importance is the health of the patient before the onset of fever, the presence of a chronic disease. A sharp rise in temperature could be a sign of disease.

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