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Free Example of Building Website Architecture Essay

To build a website template and design it through its architecture involves a lot of documentation, analysis, the general design of the website template and modules. All these are among the important processes involved in the design of a new website. Therefore as much as the company wants to build another website of interchange with the current one, many processes will be involved which will enable the company to develop wider and available website resources. Thus the company needs to have a developed team and resources which will enable to fulfill the exercise and carry out the necessary functions needed by the development team.

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Therefore in order to have a fully implemented and functional website, the company needs to employ a development team that is to oversees the achievement of its objectives. The most important is the technique which will be used to develop the new website. A system development process, which will be able to be implemented, will have to follow the company’s policies and standards. The protocols, policies and standards will help the development of utilization of its resources, so as to avoid the incurring of losses and wastage of the company’s resources. However, the software development processes will have to follow the company‘s specific frameworks, methodologies, modeling languages, the design tools which are mostly used for standard software development.

Although the software development techniques come with different standards which can fulfill the requirements of the software teams and other project management personnel, the management, development and other supporting teams will a have to develop a provisional task compiling organization chart that will be followed throughout the development process. Unlike software development, which will only entail the basic principles which are observed and designed by the programmers and their platform is dictated by their technology, websites are more like practical modules which are build and their practical functionalities are explained hence they are much less detailed than application software.

Moving a website with minimal time

The change over the plan of the system from the current one to the next website which is under development is an important task that will involve maturity in the system change over the process. There are many ways in which the development team, that is programmers, can transfer the system from one to another. The development team is responsible for planning the way how to change the system and which type of the changeover is the most suitable to use. These qualities of a system changeover are necessary in managing the company’s resources, such as important information and data, which can be only accessible by the public or displayed on the website. Therefore, the proper security mechanisms are to be used at the design stage which will enable the development team to access the only information which they are allowed to access.

The parallel change over the techniques is the most important and suitable technique in which they are to use the website as the main functionality of the company. The information displayed on the website is to be handled in the necessary ways of the company protocols. However the new developed system should be developed and used at the same time with the current one, until the full transformation is completed and the entire new features have been enhanced on the new website. Therefore timing the transfer time of the websites will affect the company’s business affairs for a while but if the integration module is completed within the specified periods. The timing should be perfect when the fully modules of the current system have been transferred to the other system.

Disaster recovery solutions

The process changing over the system from the current to the new one will not only see the information in the current area as a source of outside interference but also like the outside source getting access into the company’ sensitive information, causing a breach in security and other integrity responsibility of the information in regard to its semantics. Therefore the company’s information department will be responsible for the development of the disaster recovery plan and resolutions which will help the company to take care of its resources if the interferences occur. Thus there are many ways in which one can plan and develop the disaster recovery plans which are not only manageable, but also will have minimal cost in case an outside breach occurs. Among the many techniques which may be used in case of a disaster there is also readiness preparation in which there is a backup plan for the company‘s information resources management, the use of an outside server from a remote host, where the company’s resources are probably shared with another company.

Having a backup plan for the company’s resources in the company is the same like having another website which has minimal outside privy to the public, but internally it can be accessed if the information from the 1st website is tampered or can’t be accessible by the public. Thus backing up the company‘s information resources in another outside remote location server is the most beneficial storage technique in safe guarding the company’s information resources. Therefore accessing the company’s server from a different location will help the company to maintain its information and data confidential, available and hence improve its integrity in the presence of defining the logical adaptability and effective methodology. A company named Tony Chips will be developed in the case of failing its primary testing and destroying of the company’s resources will be minimized if the back-up plans are developed in the case of failure.

Web operating systems

The development of the web template and the website will allow its customers and any other company’s personnel utilize the company’s websites. Therefore in the development of the website’s database perspective, the database platform must be compatible with the most frequently used concepts of the operating systems, as in its organization with the purpose of development there may be used My SQL AND SQL database development languages. In the development of the company’s database, these attributes will incorporate a variety of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Linux, which are the common operating system used nowadays in business fronts and companies.

In hosting the company’s database Apache friends development tools can be used to help in general with the compatibility of the database to the outside connections and operating systems. The basic operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Linux are mostly compatible with the application products of the Apache software friends’ categories. Therefore, the development team plays a major role in the development of the attributes in operating systems and its general compatibility with other running website programming languages. For instance, PHP and Javascript can be used in the development of codes connecting the database directly towards the website templates. Therefore the design team should be familiar with the above development operating systems and their compatible languages while developing a website that is designed to be implemented in the database, desktop application, and other website-based applications.

Hosting of website by a company

These processes in which the companies can host on their own, the site's development is hosted in the same perspective as trying to define the development of the website with their own development team. This will have an additional advantage which will not only involve the necessary steps to create a new website but it will only be able to minimize the risk into the outside world, like the accessing of illegal information from the company’s websites, downloading materials into the organization’s site. Therefore the hosting of their website is a logical solution as the information resources are granted to be hosted on a different site.

If this concept of the company in hosting their own website within their own servers is not logical, then it can host its servers and the necessary concepts from the outside remote locations among which they will help in developing the necessary requirements, like in the presence of service providers and internet resources serves, which can be minimized. Therefore there are many other alternatives which are not feasible but among them there are the back-up resources which can be easily accessible. Fortunately, the resources needed in the case of failure or an incident may be developed from the company‘s resources development localities. Hosting of the website will involve the necessary development team, which specializes in the hosting and programming areas and in the company’s software development. On the other hand, the development and analysis team should be present to oversee the process which will mean transferring the company’s resources to the Internet which is may give access the company’s accounts online.

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Gantt chart showing all the tasks involved

A Gantt chart generally breakdowns all the process involved in a project, like a software development process. Therefore the Gantt chart below is used in the contemporary study to show the necessary steps which have been followed in the process of defining all the activities involved in the development of the software website which has been designed for the company of Tony Chips.

Architecture system

The above step by process involves the complete and finished system that enables the development of both, the designing of the templates and the processes after the implementation of the website. Therefore below are the steps as it is explained in the Gantt chart above through the software development lifecycle standards:

Analysis - this involves a wide range of activities from the study of the current system to the development of user requirements of the proposed system. In this analysis of the phase all the issues are taken into consideration, which mainly involve the development of user’s requirements. The development team, which is responsible in the analysis stage, is the system analyst team, responsible for gathering and developing of the user’s and the system’s requirements. The output of this analysis phase determines whether the system is feasible and later they include the supporting documents, the work plan, the cost involved, and the user’s and the system’s requirements.

Specification building – as the word suggests, here the requirements which have been developed from the analysis phase are analyzed further and broken down into integral requirements which can be used to define the different aspects in the process of building system requirements in the design phase. This stage produces different specifications which are important aspects in every stage of the development of the website. This stage involves the entire development team where the work plans are drawn, and the other supporting documents and specifications requirements are fulfilled.

Design and development – this is one of the most important stages which involves a broader development of the requirements and putting them into practical development in the case of even prototypes which are the pictorial representations of the real system. Therefore deciding the actual representation of the new real system in the categories of understanding of the basic design methods in the development of the real systems involves the development of the functionality modules in the process of validation of their requirements. The development of these requirements and modules which represent the designs of the system is the core unit which has to be developed in order to learn how to present them in the real physical system. Therefore the work of the programmers and other template designers is guaranteed in the entire management and development of the designs in the prototype field.

Content writing – this stage is associated with the context of developing the real content which is formatted in the company’s website. This not only does produce the development platform of the templates from the design phase, but it also adds meaning into the representation of the modules into the making the meaning of the site. The site with formatted data and information is the most important output which is deliverable from this stage, thus developing the general overview of the site.

Coding – coding is the actual programming using mathematical symbols into building the real system or site.The coding language used here is simply that which fits the specifications of programming standards, and which the programmers are able and familiar with in programming concepts. Therefore, the programming concepts in the process of coding lead to the development of the actual system with site integrated modules like the template appearance, functionality and running or fetching commands. The deliverable aspect here is the development of the fully driven database functionalities in the site and coding of the documents.

Testing – it is also another important stage in the development of a software. Testing is usually a bridge for testing whether the coded and designed software is working to the stipulated conditions and whether the entire module is working to the satisfaction of the user’s needs. Therefore, to emphasize the importance of this stage in any software production it is the most fundamental issue in the developing of user functionality modules. Deliverables are the completed application site with testing documents, testing reports which are present in the process of testing the system. They show if there were any errors during the testing stage and frequent interaction if the programmers and the designers cannot be avoided.

Promotion – it is in the context of the changeover of the system and its hosting in the company’s site. This not only helps to develop the necessary requirements which can only be available in the context of gaining the outside and public opinion on their website sometimes. This has also the site documentation, site submission and general utilization of the site.

Maintenance and updating every software system or module needs to be developed and designed in the last stage that is maintenance and updating of the developed system. Like in his example the site needs to develop any final contingency plan which is the design in the perspective of developing its maintenance protocols. The site here should be developed and fully functional with content functions, and reanalysis reports must to be developed, therefore the updated application, support documents and team reviews should be the only deliverables which are used in the maintenance protocols of the system and sites.

The support operations that are required by the internally hosted website

There are many operations which the system can require after its initial implementation and operating in the field of the website development. In regard to the performance of the system, there are operations like maintenance and daily updating which are necessary in any site or system. Therefore the process of maintaining the system which has already been developed is a great aspect in developing the process of gaining the most important details in the development of a proper server and its services. Thus the management team and the IT department will have to be updating its database after a certain period of time in order to have the updated data and information in their sites.

The process of having the developed resource like a site will require the mechanism of updating its security mechanism, such as scanning the site and the database often in order to avoid the development of illegal worms and other viruses which are programmed to access the company’s details. Therefore the development of the security mechanism should be organized in case of minimizing risks and other insecurities.

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