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Three Paragraph Exploratory Essay Sample

Bedford Introduction to Literature by Michael Fayer

Ideally, the essence of changes in time and place in a literature setting is to create an eventful mood for comprehending the content put across by the author. Based on the two stories presented in Michael Fayer’s book, in the "Bedford Introduction to Literature", one is in a position to clearly outline the idiosyncratic moods created by changes in time and place.

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The Plot of the Story

From the story of an hour, Mrs. Mallard is portrayed as a woman who has just received news about the death of her husband. The essence created by changes in time and place in this setting depict that there is relaxation when she moves from the crowded place to her serene bedroom. Citing from the story, ‘she moves to her bedroom where she can be alone. This is a move from a public to private space, a move from a place where Mrs. Mallard is a wife to a place where Mrs. Mallard is can be herself ‘. Additionally, one can also point out the she realized the delicious breath of air and birds singing upon opening the window, something that drove her sad moods away.


Moving on further, it is of significance to remark that time and place generates mood as well as setting up social context. However, changes in time and place are associated with the ideal meaning of the type of mood that the author wants to put across a reader’s mind. Take for instance, in this case, the two stories are written for the period when ideas about of marriage and family institutions were changing. Interestingly, Chekhov's account outlines the happenings during the end of the 19th century in Russia. It is of significance to mention that at this time, the Catholic Church was on the frontline of forbidding divorce. Time and place have clearly been used to create a comprehensive mood for the reader.

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