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Research Problem:

The main problem of the research is to solve through giving better ways on how best we can solve the issues of divorce in most of the households. There has been an impact on the academic performance of and, herein children implying all in learning institutions from nursery to primary, secondary and colleges. The research basically has three broad objectives that it seeks to expand. Initially, it seeks to understand how divorce has affected children’s’ academic performance. Secondly, it will examine the long term change in behaviors of the affected children. Thirdly, it will give a comprehensive and extensive result on how best to solve the issue of divorce among the affected households. The research is more of qualitative though quantitative research will also be used to identify the current number of the affected children in school and outside school. The targeted group will be all children between the ages of 10- 30 years. Though the research could have wished to do the research as from 1 year, the respondent due to immaturity, could not be able to deliver the right information and needed the next of kin to be available. This could have led to wrong information delivery as the research was targeting information from one source and not from a second or third party (Engel 147).

Mixed research will also be used in order to explore on all the relevant behaviors of the respondent and any impact that might have been brought out as a result of divorce. However, qualitative method will be used more in this research more that any other method but we shall incorporate the other methods to reduce on the probability errors. Herein, where qualitative method has a weakness, I will use quantitative as a strength and vise versa. Also to reduce on the probability errors, the sampling will be random and all the respondents will be selected by no specific order (Engel 93).

Literature Review:

The research seeks in improving the existing thesis on how best to improve the academics of the children through reducing divorce in many households as one of the main factor. According to Engel (205), divorce has a massive negative impact on the academic performance of children. But Engel does not categorically state how the negative effect comes in. Nakamura (382), on the other hand, focused on the causes of divorce within Muslims. Unlike Engel who argues that divorce is caused by mistrust within the family, Nakamura does not mention it anywhere but insist that there should be no gender equality, as this is what increases divorce among the Muslim couples. It must be acknowledged that literature has not exhaustively outlined the impact of divorce on the academic performance of school going children. The exact effects of divorce on academic performance can only be achieved through research approaches to tackle the defined problem and in this case, the defined problem shall be, ‘Effects of Divorce on children academic performance’. The research questions that are to be discussed include:

What was the cause of divorce?

How has these divorce cases affected the academic performance of children?

How can this issue of divorce be solved?

Research Population:

The paper will base its research among the children and the target population is 200 children and this will be selected randomly. Divorce has been rampant in many households in today’s life and this issue has a big impact to the lives of children who are the future of tomorrow. Divorce has led to the increase in school drop out, children diverting to bad social groups like using drugs due to poor parental setup in the family. This has affected development at large in the United States and that is why the current workforce is immigrating. These factors are the ones that have led to the choice of the topic and further the study.  What interests me most is that there is still an increase in the number of divorce day in day out and it is a high time that we need to talk about this issue and solve it because unlike cases like drug abuse which mostly affects the user, here the effects goes to the innocent child and leave an ineligible mark in his live hood (Jansen 254).

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Divorce has rampantly increased especially in United States. Statistics shows that at least half of the marriages in America end up in Divorce. This may be caused due to battering, change of behaviors and mistrust among the couples. The people left to suffer are the children who in this situation are victims of circumstance. Many researches have claimed that divorce has gradually reduced and that it does not have an impact to the children especially if they are well taken care of. This is not true as Divorce has highly participated in the poor performance of many children who have been affected by divorce in their homes or have experienced this thorough their foster parents. This research will broadly analyze the performance both in class activities and extra curriculum activities of the child a year before divorce and two speculating years after the divorce. Measuring will be important in order to come up with a variable and non variables.

Qualitative methods

To achieve this method, the paper seeks to identify the current behaviors of the children. It will also seek to know the residence of the children and who he or she stays with. It will further seek to know about the academic performance before and after the divorce (Nakamura 145).

Quantitative Methods

Using a descriptive design, the paper seeks to collect information from any person below the age 30 years but above 10 years. The research will target 200 respondents inside and outside institutions. The information will be collected using questioners and the questions will be within the research questions set. This will assist in the determination of the dependent and the independent variables thus coming up with a no error result.

Mixed Methods

The information will be collected from 200 children within Texas town. This method will be used to analyze the qualitative and quantitative method and coming up with a real result of the research. Wrong interpretation of information might lead to wrong conclusion (Tsang 234). The questions will be range from closed to open and one has the power to express himself as much as possible to assist in getting any information that will be useful. As much as the research will use the qualitative method more, all the methods will be used equally to reduce on the probability error and where method one has a weakness, method two will be used and vice versa.


All the above methods have some similarities and that is, they all involve data collection, whether through verbal or through written. During the analysis, the data is collected and in this case questioners will be used and also one to one interviews will be used to collect the information guided by the research question. This primary data will lead to the interpretation of the data collected an all the information will be written down. There are so many children in the society who have never enjoyed their parental love but instead lived to see what marriages leads to and most of them are psychologically tortured and this has lead to poor performance in class and sometimes it has even led to school drop out. The children end up in bad groups because they miss full support and guidance from both parents. Sometimes it may be quiet challenging for one parent to bring up the children single handed and may ignore the side of discipline while concentrating on the side of job as he is the only bread winner. By this, the children loose direction and start acquiring new behaviors hence this becomes very difficult to mold such a child. Some authors have revealed that due to this divorce effect of divorce, children may develop diseases like ulcers at a very tender age. They also revealed that the life expectancy of the divorced parents reduces and they may die before they grow old leaving the children as orphans.

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